Hyland wins third-consecutive CandE Award for candidate experience

As Hyland receives many job applications annually, we are thankful to meet and network with the best and brightest job candidates within the technology space.

We understand how crucial the candidate experience is. Why? Candidates are customers that apply to your organization looking to help you succeed in your business goals with their knowledge and expertise. If you think about it, switching positions, starting in the real world or changing your career is a HUGE adjustment.

Not only is it crucial for candidates to feel confident in their decisions, but their families need to feel confident too. As Hyland has put many candidate experience efforts in place, I’m happy to say we are celebrating our third-consecutive CandE Award win from the Talent Board. We are excited to reap the benefits of fostering a positive candidate experience exceeding the scope of job opportunities within Hyland.

Why our recruiting efforts are successful and what it means for customers

While we realize that the candidate experience is always a moving goal post and we can’t please everyone (we’re not chocolate), we are happy to share some of our efforts and why they’ve produced awards. Here are a few:

  • Top talent knows top talent

Our employees are awesome recruiters. In fact, current employees referred a whopping 47 percent of our 2017 new hires!

As part of Hyland’s recruiting team, we recognize that our employees are our greatest assets and they have networks with potential candidates to tap into. Therefore, we alert our employees with new job postings that we post weekly in our corporate-wide email communication.

Over the last 25-plus years, we’ve noticed that when we give motivated people the opportunity to accomplish great things, they’re happy. And happy, motivated employees tell their motivated friends, who apply. This positive reinforcement loop produces great employees who ultimately go the extra mile for our customers, which is what it’s all about.

  • We don’t shy away from feedback

We want our candidates to share their experiences – both good and bad. If we are not providing an exceptional candidate experience, we want to learn how to improve.

That’s why, over the past four years, we’ve enrolled in Talent Board’s candidate experience survey. This is a great opportunity to benchmark with other organizations.

  • It’s a team effort

Our recruiters work extremely hard with our hiring managers to ensure we are aligning our job descriptions to the specific requirements needed for Hyland’s growth. Our Human Resources department creates candidate experience goals throughout our entire department – always putting the candidates first and making accommodations that fit their needs.

  • We give you the opportunity

Hyland also offers shadowing experiences, meet and greets and tours of our facilities. We allow candidates to learn more about the organization, what skill sets we are looking for and what a day in the life of a Hyland employee looks like. This opportunity to meet with hiring managers and network with employees has been a very successful initiative.

Are you motivated? Do you want to work with other motivated people? Do you want to work in an environment that fosters inclusion and innovation?

Seize the day.

Courtney Byham

Courtney Byham

Courtney Byham is a recruiting program manager at Hyland. She has been a member of Hyland’s Recruiting team for five years. In her current role, she manages recruiting relationships and... read more about: Courtney Byham

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