5 things you’ll learn at this year’s Women in Tech conference

We are quickly approaching Hyland’s Women in Tech conference! At this annual event, female developers and IT professionals here at Hyland share their experiences and help others get involved in the industry.

This year’s conference will be held on Saturday, October 14 at Hyland’s headquarters. Last year, I attended the conference hoping to learn more about Hyland and apply what I had been learning in my classwork to real-world development problems.

A year later, I’m happy to say I’m gainfully employed with Hyland! Now I have the opportunity to share my experiences with this year’s attendees.

If you are thinking about attending this event, here are five things you will learn:

1. You belong and the world needs you!

As technology continues to grow exponentially, we must engage everyone. It is important to bring diverse minds together to make decisions about the future direction of technology as well as our own software solutions.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail!

When I was a student, I aimed for excellent grades and an even higher GPA. However, when I started my first job, I realized all the education in the world will not prepare you and you will fail.

But that’s okay! Failure is a part of life. The important things are what you do after you fail and the steps that you take to fix your errors. We designed our conference to share real stories about failures and how you can overcome the challenges you face in the technology industry.

3. Networking goes a long way.

When you meet other women, keep in touch with them via LinkedIn, Facebook, email, user groups, or whatever tools suit your needs. I am still friends today with people from every conference I have been to, and I look forward to following all of our careers as we progress.

Remember, the contacts you make are your lifelines both to share in the good times and in the struggles.

4. Solving tech problems is a team effort.

When it comes to coding and working with customers, Hyland excels at solving problems head on by working in a team environment. You are not alone in working through complex problems and the tech community rewards teamwork.

5. Creativity is important.

Make time to be creative and inspire innovation. Coding can take a lot of creative thinking. That’s why it’s important to give yourself space and to look at problems through different lenses – that’s how you produce quality code.

I hope you find these tips helpful and motivational.

I also hope you join us for the third installment of Hyland’s Women in Tech conference this Saturday. It will be one for the books!

Erica Schulstad

Erica Schulstad is a developer at Hyland. She graduated from We Can Code IT in the fall of 2016 after transitioning into tech and has since enjoyed working here at... read more about: Erica Schulstad

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