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1. Monolithic platforms and progress

What you need to know: Technological ingenuity and perseverance shown in the early days of the pandemic are now finding their way into workflows, wrote Tim Hood, Hyland’s vice president of EMEA and APAC, for Digitalization World. However, new challenges are emerging and the post-Covid backdrop is turning into an ungoverned information sprawl. This is against the unprecedented need for resilient systems and technology that can adapt in response to unexpected stress.

The 60-second download: When the volume of content being created has never been greater, adding more apps to the monolith merely makes it more difficult for users within the business to work effectively, either individually or as a cohesive whole. While there is limited value in reinventing the organizational structure to make it fit for the digital age, developing a strategy that delivers future flexibility and modularity should be the way forward. Migrating away involves auditing content and its uses across departments, establishing appropriate KPIs, and testing and implementing these solutions, Hood says.

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2. RPA use cases

What you need to know: As digital transformation makes way for digital evolution — a state in which automation and digitization are continuously being iterated upon and optimized — many organizations find themselves dealing with situations nearly as challenging as those they were looking to improve in the first place. Hyland’s APAC Associate Vice President Eugene Chng says the influx of new applications, data and processes can create gaps in automation and in integration with legacy systems. This may result in employees creating manual workarounds for new inefficiencies, security weak spots and process gaps.

The 60-second download: Chng explains when you’re looking to maximize ROI from digital transformation and begin automating quickly, RPA (robotic process automation) is a great place to start. Because RPA automates high-volume tasks, it can begin saving you time and labor hours right away. System migration and integration, customer invoice downloads, data backup and restoration are just some of the nearly unlimited examples where RPA can streamline workflows.

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Valtteri Bottas poses in his F1 uniform with a Hyland logo on his shoulder.

3. Formula 1 and Hyland partnerships

What you need to know: Prior to the 2022 Formula 1 season, Valtteri Bottas partnered with Hyland, and is embracing that partnership ahead of the United States Grand Prix. The world of Formula 1 relies on speed and agility, and this agile philosophy is shared by Alfa Romeo and Hyland. By applying advanced technologies to adapt to the speed of change, the company is helping the team take the next step forward.

The 60-second download: Hyland partnered not only with Bottas himself, but with the team. “Hyland decided to team up with me, but also directly with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, which is great,” Bottas told Beyond the Flag. “Of course, as we go, we learn more and more about each other. It’s been a great year so far together.”

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4. Patients from the cloud

What you need to know: Patient information only becomes a real resource when information from all professionals involved in the treatment — from the emergency doctor or family doctor to the specialists and the nursing staff — are recorded and made accessible to everyone. This results in a holistic picture from which suitable medical measures and therapies can be derived, wrote Aaron Knott, Healthcare Solutions account manager, for Healthcare Computing. Unstructured data is a challenge for any industry, especially one that works with medical information.

The 60-second download: Clinics and other healthcare facilities are increasingly recognizing the advantages of a cloud-based content management system. Everyone involved in patient care benefits from an integrated platform because information is available exactly where it is needed, Knott explains. On top of greater efficiency, a cloud-based, patient-centric system allows patients to independently fill out their registration information, grant consent and view their latest test results as well as medical images and reports at any time via a cloud-based patient portal. “This saves long waiting times in practices and clinics, telephone calls to request test results and trips to exchange medical images between healthcare facilities,” he said.

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5. Supply chain resilience

What you need to know: For decades, the transportation and logistics industry has struggled with traditional (often outdated) systems, siloed data and disconnected customer experiences. While content and business process management technology vendors have attempted to fill the gap by offering software that captures and digitizes content and automates processes, transportation and logistics companies are still heavily reliant on manual processes, both in operations and in the back office, wrote Pierre-François Boucheron, Hyland’s southern Europe sales engineering manager, for JDN.

The 60-second download: Today, all sectors are affected by digitalization and there is an increasing need for strong digital capabilities to enable transport and logistics companies to lead the changes in the current environment. Investing in technology makes them more agile, more responsive and more resilient. Boucheron says knowledge is power, and the digitization and standardization of these processes are among the top three trends that will have an impact on the supply chain by 2025. They will allow companies in the sector to increase their productivity and efficiency, allowing the real-time transfer of shipping documents, which eliminates bottlenecks.

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