5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from November 2022


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Love enterprise tech but low on browsing time?

Here are five interesting pieces from around the world, distilled and delivered for your busy schedule.

1. Innovation to ease compliance burdens

What you need to know: Hyland Vice President of Product Management, Scott Craig, talked with Techstrong.tv about the differences in privacy protection between different professional sectors, such as finance and healthcare. The use of AI, among other tools, can make compliance with laws and regulations easier and help industries who might be behind catch up.

The 60-second download: AI is capable of lifting much of the burden from an organization’s compliance department. It also removes the need for a person to manually go through hours of data and spreadsheets. Craig thinks the financial sector has put a lot of effort into modernizing its systems, especially over the past five years. He also thinks the healthcare industry has a ways to go, but can already see effective solutions being implemented.

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2. Hyland Healthcare innovation

What you need to know: Hyland Healthcare highlighted its Intelligent Diagnostic Imaging Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Point of Care solutions, among other innovative technology, at this year’s Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) annual conference. As healthcare organizations strive to combat enterprise challenges, like managing high volumes of unstructured data and increasing virtual collaboration with clinicians and patients, investments in imaging technologies are key to preparing for future growth.

The 60-second download: RSNA attendees heard from Hyland Healthcare experts about its robust medical imaging offerings that improve access to imaging content throughout the enterprise and lead to better, more informed clinical decisions. Solutions included Hyland Healthcare’s PACS solution, as well as Hyland Healthcare’s Enterprise Point of Care Imaging.

“We’re one of the few vendors that bridges interoperability gaps between content services and imaging workflows, two of the largest areas in healthcare, outside of the electronic health record,” said Razvan Atanasiu, chief technology officer of Hyland Healthcare. “And we continue to evolve our solutions, deepening our ability to bridge those gaps with important innovations like AI-enabled orchestration.

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3. Creative content with DAM

What you need to know: A creative campaign is only as strong as its supporting data and internal workflows. Ed McQuiston, Hyland’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer, wrote for Martech Zone about how a lack of a centralized approach to identify and leverage sales and engagement assets creates decreased productivity and brand inconsistencies. Effective digital asset management, or DAM, solutions enable users to oversee a creative workflow from one location and streamline the overall asset management process.

The 60-second download: Leading edge cloud-based DAM solutions like Hyland’s Nuxeo Content Services Platform include native content management workflows that eradicate the need for custom coding to generate new processes. The platform empowers employees to easily design unique process flows from scratch with a workflow engine they can utilize via drag and drop.

“Efficient DAM solutions enable my team to automate tedious, manual tasks with ease so they can focus on what matters most: their passion for being visionaries,” McQuiston said. “The potential for organizational success is maximized when employees can cultivate their imaginative ideas. This is simply not possible with outdated DAM solutions.”

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Efficient DAM solutions enable my team to automate tedious, manual tasks with ease so they can focus on what matters most: their passion for being visionaries.

$Ed McQuiston$

4. How to avoid team burnout

What you need to know: Hyland’s Chief Information Officer Steve Watt explained to The Enterprisers Project how tech workers feel great pressure in their work lives to develop and integrate new technology. These heavy workloads are not only unsustainable, but they also aren’t scalable when it comes to driving business outcomes. IT leaders can learn how to spot employees who are running on fumes and help manage their stress.

The 60-second download: If the team is working on an especially time-intensive or rigorous project, pay close attention to how employees react to it.

“Are they becoming easily overwhelmed, frustrated or even withdrawn from their work? It may be time to touch base with your employees and ensure their workloads are manageable,” Watt said.

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5. Open source security vision outdated?

What you need to know: Open source software, or OSS, is a tool of collaborative vision, community, enrichment and a technological advantage that supports companies in their development. Often, people focus on possible security issues such as hacking. Güray Turan, director of regional sales Hyland, wrote for Silicon, explaining that when we view this technology through narrow lenses of security, we can miss massive industry-changing opportunities.

The 60-second download: The development of OSS allows a significant advantage by accelerating deployments and facilitating the appropriation and use of this software. Additionally, given the breadth and support of the OSS community, cyber risks are more likely to be anticipated.

“Despite some headlines and persistent difficulties particularly related to cybersecurity, so-called open source free software presents a valuable opportunity for growth and innovation for companies and organizations,” Turan said. “The growing influence of such software is hard to deny, and with a passionate community behind it, it should continue for some time to come.”

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