3 reasons why Hyland won OSU’s 2015 Engineering Career Services Employer of the Year Award


“One company clearly stands above the rest of the competition. The winner of the 2015 Engineering Career Services Employer of the Year Award at The Ohio State University is Hyland, creator of OnBase!

As I heard those words, I turned and asked Jen, (Jen Murphy, Hyland’s campus relations program manager) who was sitting next to me, “Is that us?”

I second-guessed my own hearing capabilities because we had stiff competition from many large companies such as Marathon Oil, Speedway, Cardinal Health, Parker Hannifin and Abbott Labs.

The award event at OSU was held on Friday, July 17, 2015. However, it all started when I received an email from OSU’s Engineering Career Services (ECS), prompting engineering student interns like me to nominate deserving employers for the award.

I opened the questionnaire and it only had seven questions. I like short questionnaires and had some free time, so I decided to take a couple of minutes to fill it out.

The questionnaire consists of topics ranging from recruiting strategies, orientation programs, extracurricular activities, supervision or mentorship, the internship experience, and why the company applying deserves the award.

After reflecting on what I actually wrote and the judging criteria that the event coordinators announced, I truly believe that the following three components represent why OSU chose Hyland:

  1. Work-life balance

All I could think about when answering these questions was, “I’ve got to tell them about the slides.”

So I did, along with the fact that we have access to fitness classes, a salon, massages, a wellness center, a volleyball court (Go InternBall!), weight rooms, a basketball court, ping-pong tables, pool tables, video games, arcade machines, a walking trail… The list goes on and on.

This part probably took me the longest to write, as I had to scan through each building to remember everything that the Hyland’s Westlake, OH, campus has to offer.

  1. The hard work of our Campus Recruiting team

The fact is, none of us interns would be here without the Campus Recruiting team’s hard work. Many don’t know about this, but the Hyland Recruiting team is one of the few HR teams that holds info sessions during the semester at OSU, where students can find out more detail about why employees enjoy working at Hyland so much.

The Hyland Recruiting team, along with at least 200 other companies, also actively participates at engineering career fairs held at OSU to hire bright and young talents. This also means that essentially, we beat at least 200 companies for this award.

What an outstanding achievement!

3. Diversity and globalization

I did not realize how much the ECS staff actually knew about me until they invited me personally to be one of five students to represent their student panel for the award event. One of my unique qualities is that I am of Indonesian origin, born and raised there until I was 14 years old.

An ECS representative told me that they wanted my perspective on the internship search process as an international student, to serve as feedback to all the employers who attend the award event. (OSU College of Engineering consists of 634 international students, or 8.2 percent of the total engineering student population at OSU.)

Being the only international student on the panel made me realize that Hyland is one of the very few companies who treat prospective interns with international backgrounds equally according to their potential, and not according to where they took their first breaths.

This is something all Hylanders should be very proud of, and will help as Hyland continues to focus on the global market.

After the award ceremony, one attendee told me, “You must have written quite an evaluation there.”

However, truly all I did was describe all I have experienced at Hyland. All I did was put on paper all the learning and the fun that comprise the precious work hard/play hard culture that we have at Hyland.

Finally, this award goes to every single employee who makes working at Hyland so enjoyable – especially the Campus Recruiting team and my manager Thomas Jenkins, who has allowed me to bear the Hyland flag at The Ohio State University.

Go Hyland!

Chris Lontoh started his internship with Hyland in May 2015, working for the Enterprise Solutions Group. His primary role as Enterprise Consulting Intern is to assist Enterprise Consultants with project preparation, information assessments, documentation, and business requirements gathering. He will be graduating from The Ohio State University in the 2016 spring semester with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Green Belt certification in Integrated Lean Six Sigma. By virtue of his Indonesian background and “never give up” mentality, he has been frequently regarded as “Intern of The Year” by his own manager, who might be more than a little biased.

Chris Lontoh

Chris Lontoh started his internship with Hyland in May 2015, working for the Enterprise Solutions Group. His primary role as Enterprise Consulting Intern is to assist Enterprise Consultants with project... read more about: Chris Lontoh