2 new analyst reports recognize Hyland as a leader

As a provider in the content services space for almost 30 years, Hyland has seen – and has been part of – its fair share of evolution. The market has shifted, the terminology has changed, the technology has grown and the solutions have expanded.

And the capabilities of our content services platform have equally evolved and transformed.

It’s amazing to see both our longtime and newer customers leveraging the breadth of our offerings – from effectively capturing key information the moment it enters their organizations to optimizing their processes with robust intelligent automation and even leveraging our low-code toolsets to quickly build their own unique business applications.

It’s exciting to hear from organizations that started years ago with straightforward scan-store-retrieve solutions for one department that have since expanded to help them manage their most critical transactions and operations enterprise-wide. For many, the story has unfolded as the market has moved. They’ve evolved from managing large volumes and wide varieties of content. They’ve added process automation capabilities to drive efficiencies. And they’ve leveraged emerging and intelligent technologies to propel their digital transformation initiatives.

It’s also validating to see Hyland’s innovation and our comprehensive platform recognized by industry analysts and thought leaders in the information management space. While we’re consistently honored to be acknowledged for our strong content management capabilities (and for nods like the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms for 10 years running), our most recent round of recognition specifically calls out our ability to support the full information lifecycle.

We’re committed to providing a platform that equips our customers to achieve optimal performance at every stage of their information lifecycles. Because it’s no longer just about access to information, but how you use it to make the most-informed decisions possible.

Recognition for our platform

Recently, Aragon Research recognized that platform-focused approach in its Globe™ for Enterprise Content Platforms (ECP), which identified Hyland as a leader.

The report evaluates 12 major providers and highlights the market’s evolution from a focus on managing content to one of process and content automation. The report singled out Hyland for our innovation and offerings in areas like intelligent capture and blockchain-based digital credentialing, as well as our powerful suite of enterprise medical imaging solutions.

As we continue to grow our content services platform, we’re investing in the areas and technologies that will help our customers succeed in their most important business objectives today – and going forward.

Recognition for customer communications management

A top priority for many organizations today is the customer experience. As interactions with customers and other stakeholders become increasingly dependent on digital processes, organizations are looking for unique ways to leverage advanced technologies to maintain timely, accurate and personal communications.

Our focus on the customer experience – both for our customers and their customers – was also recognized by Aspire, a third-party analyst firm. Aspire identified Hyland as a leader in its annual Leaderboard for Customer Communications Management (CCM).

Aspire’s annual report focuses on the CCM landscape and covers related categories like business automation. For the second year in a row, the report names Hyland as a leader in the business automation grid based on the strength of our wide-ranging platform capabilities.

These capabilities include our CCM offering Content Composer – which empowers our customers to create, manage and distribute communications to their customers, clients, constituents and patients. The report also singles Hyland out for our process automation, case management and intelligent capture capabilities.

Recognition that it’s all about our customers – and their customers

“As a global leader in the content services market, Hyland puts a strong focus on letting content be a key driver of better communications,” said Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire. “We continue to be excited about the potential for Hyland – its scale, technology depth and strong products give it the potential to evolve Content Composer beyond its strength in transactional and service communications into a much wider solution.”

We are very proud to be recognized as an organization at the forefront of an industry dedicated to leveraging content in new and innovative ways. As technologies and consumer behaviors continue to evolve, so will the information lifecycle. The “how” and “why” of content services is in constant evolution, but the “what” remains the same.

Customers are always going to need to capture, consume and deliver content in some fashion. Its shape will continue to shift, but content will continue to be a driver of not only better communications, but of better solutions and better experiences for the people we serve. And the people they serve.

Because that’s what leadership is all about.

Tony Piunno is a sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Hyland’s product marketing team, the majority of his career has been focused in business-to-business (B2B) product marketing of both hardware and software offerings. Key business areas that he’s covered include commercial real estate operations, intelligent industrial environments, and most recently content service platforms.
Tony Piunno

Tony Piunno

Tony Piunno is a sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Hyland’s product marketing team, the majority of his career has been focused... read more about: Tony Piunno