Why healthcare organizations should move to the cloud

Market analysts have long predicted the move from on-premises-based to cloud-delivered healthcare solutions. So why has the healthcare market been slower to adopt all the cloud has to offer?

The way we see it at Hyland, moving to the cloud is similar to holistic healthcare. Both focus on wellness and prevention rather than treating a specific, targeted problem. It is often easier to make small changes to improve your overall health rather than make one large, startling change all at once. Holistic healthcare is proactive instead of reactive – just like moving solutions from on-premises to the cloud – and starts with establishing a preventative plan.

So why consider making small steps toward the cloud?

Reduce administrative overhead

Every day, healthcare organizations face the challenge of doing more with less. Less staff, consolidation of applications and platforms, and less time spent on the care and maintenance of existing software and solutions.

One of the items I am sure all organizations can agree on is that if there is a way to spend less time on upgrades we should find it, hold on with both hands, and never let go. As a system administrator in a past life, some of the best money I ever spent was having a software vendor conduct the upgrade. I loathed on-premises upgrades because they often required diligent downtime planning, were often conducted in the middle of the night when patient services are reduced, were time consuming, and sometimes – let’s be honest – oftentimes difficult to perform.

If you had a toothache in the middle of the night, you would not upgrade your smile by grabbing a pair of plyers. Instead, you take an aspirin, wait until morning, and seek your dentist’s expert advice on a treatment and care plan.

Upgrading in a cloud-delivered environment, like the Hyland Cloud, is similar to going to the dentist. Placing upgrade responsibilities in the capable hands of Hyland allows the healthcare IT organization to focus its time, energy, and talents on other things like developing new work processes for end users. When the upgrade is over, you have the most modern software components and realize the whole experience was definitely not as painful as expected.

Much like that trip to the dentist.

Moving to cloud-delivered solutions also allows your healthcare organization to gain significant peace of mind. Administrative tasks such as monitoring redundancy, security, and uptime concerns shift to the Hyland experts.

Improve operational readiness and accelerate deploymenttelehealth

Another common challenge healthcare IT organizations face is deploying software and solutions rapidly using their existing toolsets. System administrators, already overburdened with doing more with less, need to respond to their end users and find time to churn through development cycles.

Moving to the Hyland Cloud shifts the ownership – and therefore time commitment – of system administrator’s care and maintenance of the platform to Hyland’s experts. This allows your administrators to become developers capable of rapidly solving business needs with robust software solutions.

In addition, existing solutions can be enhanced to meet your organization’s – and the overall healthcare market’s – ever-changing needs. This agility leads to better user experiences, better user adoption, and increased productivity.

In the next normal of healthcare triggered by COVID-19, the ability of IT teams to implement new and emergent solutions on a stable, highly available, and remotely accessible platform could mean the difference in patient outcomes. The ability to implement telehealth, electronic signature, and remote registration solutions quickly differentiates health systems capable of rapid change and next-level patient care.

Be proactive

Moving from on-premises to cloud-delivered solutions offers healthcare organizations a holistic approach where the focus is on being proactive rather than reactive.

Be on the lookout for part two of this blog series about how your healthcare organization can make a successful transition to the cloud.

Laura Pietromica

Laura Pietromica

Working in the healthcare field for more than 16 years, Laura Pietromica has spent the past nine years with Hyland’s Healthcare division. Prior to joining Hyland, Laura was the lead... read more about: Laura Pietromica

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