Why being a category leader isn’t good enough

HIMSS Category Leader

For the third year in a row, Hyland has placed first in the KLAS defined category of Document Management and Imaging. We proudly accepted the award for Category Leader last night during the KLAS ceremony. What is most meaningful about this recognition is that our ranking is based on customer feedback.

But dare I say, being a KLAS Category Leader isn’t enough. It reminds me of when I ran cross-country in high school and college.

Every time I finished a race, my dad would ask me, “Could you have run faster?”

Even when I won, he was always pushing me to do my best. Here at Hyland, we adhere to the same values that my dad instilled in me: Never stop pushing yourself to become better.

Using customer feedback to constantly improve

We see our customer feedback as critical data to help us at Hyland get better. We listen to our customers through NPS relationship surveys, project go-live evaluations and customer user group events.

But that’s not enough. We use this feedback in many ways, such as improving our customer experience or planning our future development road map.

As a KLAS Category Leader for Document Management and Imaging, we and our customers know there is much more that we do than scanning patient records. That’s why, over 25 years, OnBase has evolved to become an enterprise information platform that supports our customers’ strategic initiatives. Our solutions are instrumental in facilitating patient care and revenue cycle management solutions as well as sharing and protecting critical patient information.Most Wired, Most Meaningful, Most Important

Constantly improving to deliver exceptional patient care

We’re honored to be recognized by our customers as a KLAS Category Leader. But this isn’t our finish line.

At Hyland, we will always strive to improve our enterprise solutions, the services we provide and the partnerships we have with our customers. We will define success by the way our customers utilize our enterprise information platform and its solutions as critical technologies they see in their future plans – because it’s a technology that unifies systems to help them deliver exceptional patient care, which is what it’s all about.

But even then, we will continue to push ourselves and our customers to be better. Thanks for the motivation, dad!

Susan deCathelineau

Susan deCathelineau

With more than 20 years of healthcare technology and leadership experience, Susan deCathelineau leads Hyland’s global healthcare sales and services organization. In her role as Senior Vice President, Susan establishes... read more about: Susan deCathelineau

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