While we work from home, healthcare providers stand on the pandemic frontline

In many ways, we begin this week in a world much different than the one we were living in mere days ago. We have taken heed to the advice of our public health professionals, hunkering down at home, practicing social distancing as much as possible, cleaning, disinfecting and washing our hands diligently.

While it is normal to focus on protecting ourselves, we must remember that we take these steps to protect those around us as well, especially those who cannot separate themselves from regular public contact, like first responders, service workers and medical professionals, all of whom are among the highest risk for contracting COVID-19.

For that reason, among many others, the Hyland Healthcare team would like to take a moment to applaud all of the healthcare providers – too numerous to count – who will spend the better part of the near future on the frontlines of this pandemic.

We also stand with the women and men in support positions – case managers, social workers, greeters, volunteers, gift shop staff, back office and IT – who make available the instruments and information necessary for your frontline physicians to do their very best.

Let’s be there for one another

For those of you who work in one of the many other industries Hyland supports, we empathize with this new normal we find ourselves in – a new normal that is shifting by the day. Sometimes by the hour.

One of the best things we can do in times like these is keep one another informed by sharing good information that can help us all stay safe, stay well and return to business as usual in the shortest time possible.

For that reason, we share with you some of the best sites to glean information and share with friends, family and co-workers:

The CDC provides a wealth of information about the virus and disease.

For a global view of the outbreak, WHO provides good information and data.

The CDC provides links to individual state health departments. There, find out what your state is doing to protect its citizens against spread of the disease, such as closing schools and restaurants.

Moving forward

While we are all doing our part to stem the spread of COVID-19, we also recognize that life must push forward. Keeping a routine as close to our day-to-day as we can will help us weather these tough times. Technology allows our kids to study at home and many of us to continue work.

Small blessings in troubling times.

To that end, we will continue to develop our industry-leading content services and enterprise imaging solutions that allow you to connect patient content and images to core clinical systems across your organization. We have the plans and infrastructure in place to continue to support you, our customers.

Because right now, more than ever, the people on the front lines need the ability to quickly and easily access and share patient information.

From all of us at Hyland Healthcare, stay safe and stay well.

Colleen Sirhal serves as the chief clinical officer and director for Global Healthcare Consulting at Hyland. Her primary responsibilities include: evolving our global healthcare business, understanding healthcare trends and business needs which drive the evolution of Hyland’s healthcare offering, consulting on those trends, and engaging with customers on the use of technology to solve business and clinical challenges.

Colleen has more than sixteen years of experience at Hyland and 30+ years in the healthcare industry. Earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Michigan, her certifications include Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Professional in Health Information Systems (CPHIMS), RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician), Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+), and Enterprise Content Management Practitioner (ECMp).

Prior to joining Hyland in 2003, Colleen spent many years with SMS/Siemens Healthcare where she worked with customers in the clinical, revenue cycle, and financial aspects of healthcare process management. She has expertise in many Health Information Systems including; SMS/ Siemens/ Cerner clinical and patient financial applications, EPIC, and Allscripts. While at Hyland, she has lead multiple teams in new solution creation, sales delivery and growth into emerging markets including strategic planning across the provider enterprise, digital efficiency in services lines for Clinical, Revenue Cycle and ERP.

Colleen’s expertise in leveraging content services the across healthcare enterprises has been of value to the more than 1,000 customers she has visited. She is an advocate for the use of enterprise content services as a foundation of the longitudinal patient records and in support of the action required for clinical improvements.

Having provided presentations to hundreds of forums worldwide, Colleen shares her passion for the single integrated patient record and best practices for information sharing across the healthcare system.
Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal serves as the chief clinical officer and director for Global Healthcare Consulting at Hyland. Her primary responsibilities include: evolving our global healthcare business, understanding healthcare trends and business... read more about: Colleen Sirhal