What I learned at OHCA 2019: Post-acute is inefficient

Thanks to all who stopped by the Hyland Healthcare booth at the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) 2019 Annual Convention & Exposition last week. We had many interesting conversations.

For example, we confirmed that post-acute business environments continue to rely on labor-intensive, paper-based processes to drive business tasks completed at the facility level. Even worse, organizations continue to use spreadsheets as the method to track and create accountability.

These inefficient tasks are affecting the bottom line at both the facility and corporate levels.

It’s time to modernize

If your department or organization is still relying on the manual processes of the past, a great way to improve speed and accuracy while reducing costs is with business process automation solutions that regionalize or centralize the common facility level business processes. You can also become efficient and accountable in these common departments and areas across your organization:

  • Human Resources
  • Clinician Credentialing
  • Contract Management
  • Back Office

Easily access information from within familiar systems

Efficiency with accountability saves time and money. Especially when patient information resides in a variety of formats and lives in a number of areas in your healthcare organization.

To empower faster, more informed decisions, you need to deliver the information your clinicians and staff need when, where, and how they need it – whether that’s in the ER, HR, or a home-health setting. Better yet, you should deliver that information via the healthcare software solutions you already own and use.

And I’m not talking about spreadsheets.

Are you ready to begin your post-acute modernization?

Scott Magers

Scott Magers

As the Account Manager of Post-Acute Care for Hyland, Scott Magers PT, MBA brings more than 20 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy, home health care and most recently... read more about: Scott Magers

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