What do you do when you are winning? You double down

best in klas 2016

Thanks to trade shows, I spend a lot of time in Las Vegas. I limit my gambling to nickel slot machines, but I also like to watch. People get intense in casinos and fascinating dramas play out. It’s better than going to the movies. And watching has taught me that when you are winning, you double down.

Last year, after winning Best in KLAS for document management and imaging two years in a row, we at Hyland decided it was time to double down. Double down on our customer experience. Double down on the value our software provides our customers. Double down on our commitment.

2 x listening to our customers

Positive feedback is always great to hear, because it helps us to know what’s working well that we ought to keep doing. And over the past year, our Customer Experience department heard from many customers about the things that make them love working with Hyland. But our bigger area of focus is on the customer feedback we receive about what isn’t working so well. It is painful to hear if we have missed the mark with a customer, but we view that feedback as an invitation to improve.

So we accept that invitation, and take it very seriously. We are only successful if we are continuously improving our customers’ experiences.

2 x Development and Legal

We doubled down in Development, and our team now has more than 50+ developers and 35+ QA members who work exclusively on healthcare projects. That team has more than 25 projects for OnBase 17 that are completely dedicated to our healthcare customers.

In fact, every department at Hyland makes improvements to impact our suite of products and our customers’ experiences. Even our Legal department has helped by improving contract processing time, decreasing the cycle time for Agreements by as much as 50 percent.

2 x Healthcare Services

We know everyone needs a hand every now and then. So Healthcare Services has stepped up its game, too, offering ad hoc system administration and staff augmentation resources. The team has expanded its staff augmentation services and can now provide individuals capable of participating in OnBase customer projects. Our system administration and staff augmentation resources can do a wide variety of work, including, but not limited to migrating databases from test to production, assisting with testing disaster recovery plans and answering help desk tickets.

They can even assist you to extend a solution or to even envision or create a new solution. For example, we have provided a system administrator to a hospital to support new projects and free their existing OnBase administrator to do higher-value work. We can even provide support to assist in the vetting and onboarding of a new OnBase administrator.

This program has already helped several our customers out of a jam. Just ask Michelle Amador at Greenville Health System.

2 x easier billing

Nobody likes to get a bill. But you do not have to throw salt in the wound by making the bill difficult to understand. Not to be left out, our Accounting department also gets in on the action. The department invested in and is currently deploying Workday. The plan is to be live in 2017.

Some of the future improvements will be increasing the detail on invoices, especially services, and improving our distribution process, which will allow us to send invoices to different individuals, departments or approvers. This will significantly simplify billing for customers.

2 x Tech Support

Our global growth has also put pressure on our Technical Support department. As our customer count continues to increase, aligning the appropriate Tech Support professional to the right business issue, within a very small window of opportunity, will become a challenge. At the same time, one of our goals this year is to be more proactive than reactive. But the lack of available crystal balls makes this easier said than done.

As usual, our Tech Support team came up with a plan. The team is proactively meeting this head-on by shifting from a phone-centric support model to one based on online submissions. The simple act of the customer’s first contact point with their support team being online provides us with increased clarity, which helps us to quickly assign the proper resource and prioritize highly critical issues. Our current support model, albeit successful, has the potential to hold us back as a thriving organization that prides itself on customer service.

After the initial online contact, much of how we address technical support issues will remain the same. The amount of personal interaction and attention will not diminish under this refreshed approach. Instead, it will further enable us to continue to tackle technical hurdles “shoulder to shoulder” with our customers and partners, which remains an essential component of our core values. Leveraging online support submissions will also allow Hyland to more effectively leverage our most valuable assets, our people.

So, like I said, when you are winning, it’s not the time to fold. It’s time to double down.

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland's marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.
Kate Barney

Kate Barney

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland’s marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.

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