The value of connected healthcare

Interoperability is a central topic of discussion in health IT. Achieving true healthcare interoperability is key to moving the industry forward by enabling the type of information exchange that can streamline workflows, inform clinical decision making and enable precision medicine.

However, much of the current interoperability discussion is focused on ensuring core systems (i.e. EMRs) are compatible with one another. Largely overlooked is the crucial role that integrating structured data with unstructured patient information plays in this process.

For example, EMRs are designed to capture and manage structured patient data, and they do that job well. However, they are not built to natively ingest the plethora of unstructured information that exists on a patient. This unstructured content includes things like diagnostic medical images, clinical documents and notes, visible light images and more. According to many industry estimates, as much as 80 percent of the information that
exists on a patient lives outside of core applications, scattered in legacy data silos.

Manage your unstructured clinical content

In our new ebook, Why you need a connected healthcare platform, we explore just how pervasive unstructured content is in today’s health systems and how vital this content is to interoperability, clinical workflows and patient care. The ebook is written from the point of view of John, a fictional CIO of a large healthcare IDN. Throughout the book, John discovers new silos of patient content that are disconnected from the EMR, but clinically valuable when accessible in context of the patient record.

The book illustrates how open, connected healthcare solutions such as content services and enterprise
imaging technologies can help John link this unstructured information to the EMR, providing a true single
source of patient content that can be shared throughout the enterprise and the entire continuum of care.

Make the connection, see your whole patient

Providing a “holistic approach” to integrating structured and unstructured healthcare content is precisely what we aim to deliver at Hyland. Our suite of connected healthcare solutions allows healthcare providers to harness the unstructured content in every corner of their enterprises — whether it be a diagnostic medical image, clinical document, video file or audio recording — and link it to the core clinical or business applications they use every day. Hyland is uniquely positioned to address all of your unstructured content needs because we are the only healthcare partner that provides both a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools.

By enhancing your EMR or other core clinical application with unstructured content that currently resides in disparate data silos, we help complete the patient picture and place a truly comprehensive medical information repository at the fingertips of key healthcare stakeholders.

This improved visibility and access has tremendous value. It streamlines clinical and business workflows. It
facilitates information exchange and collaboration. It enables more informed clinical decision making.

And, it ultimately improves patient care and outcomes.

Susan deCathelineau

Susan deCathelineau

With more than 20 years of healthcare technology and leadership experience, Susan deCathelineau leads Hyland’s global healthcare sales and services organization. In her role as Senior Vice President, Susan establishes... read more about: Susan deCathelineau

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