Summer travel: The perfect reason – and season – for HIT interoperability


It’s summer and I’ve made plans to travel with my family after an incredibly long Cleveland winter. We’re all packed and I can’t wait to hit the road. We have snacks, water, sunscreen and of course, a selfie stick.

I’m kidding about the selfie stick, but we’re definitely ready to soak up some sun.

As a developer, I can’t help but think logically and prepare for every possible situation. For example, what happens if one of us gets sick or injured during our trip?

It makes me anxious to think about it, but what if I cut myself making a family-favorite meal, twist my ankle running on the beach or slip and fall around the pool? Will it ruin the vacation because we will inevitably spend an entire day in the hospital?

These worries came to fruition recently in North Carolina. There have been as many as six different shark attack incidents resulting in two teenagers needing emergency surgeries.

When every second counts, access to information is critical
Access to these individuals’ medical records while out of town could’ve made the lives of the physicians easier and potentially resulted in different treatment. Although I was not there to understand the specific needs of the physicians to provide care, situations similar to this could benefit from immediate availability of patients’ past medical histories.

These situations make me proud to be a healthcare developer – not only might I be able to save a family’s vacation, I can help save lives.

At HIMSS15, we proudly announced a feature that enables healthcare providers to exchange unstructured content – the 65 percent of content stored outside of the electronic medical record such as MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, lab results, EKG’s and more. With access to this information, clinicians and patients get a head start on the diagnosis and treatment process.

This drives better care decisions and saves valuable time and money.

Because of our work around interoperability, we will save family vacations and lives all over the world. Here’s to more pool time!

Michelle Maly is Hyland’s director of development for healthcare.

Michelle Maly

Michelle Maly is Hyland’s director of development for healthcare.

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