Something’s different about OnBase Patient Window

I recently joined the Hyland Healthcare team as solution marketing manager. As I’ve been ramping up on all of the content services and enterprise imaging solutions we offer, there’s one solution that has me particularly excited.

As part of the OnBase 18 release, we gave OnBase Patient Window (OPW) a “facelift.” Now, not having been part of the team that first introduced the solution, I’m coming in with fresh eyes and I will tell you: You’ll notice. This isn’t one of those, “Did you get a haircut?” kind of changes. The enhancements give OPW a clean, modern look with a larger window for work.

But, we didn’t stop there.

While we were at it, we improved the performance of OPW, too, optimizing it for faster image retrieval. How cool is that? I’d say pretty cool considering OPW provides clinicians an interface from which to view clinical content and images in context with an EMR’s patient record.

Clinicians will enjoy the easier-to-use interface, but their patients will benefit as well. With a single source for patient information, clinicians aren’t shuffling through paper or multiple systems to find the information they need.  Moreover, they’re not ordering repeat imaging scans and subjecting patients to expensive, unnecessary (not to mention annoying) duplicate testing.

Solutions that keep clinicians patient-focused

As application design expectations have evolved, so, too, did our desire to elevate the solution. With new tools and a team of user experience (UX) experts, we dove in and got to work, streamlining the look of the main page and reorganizing the tab structure.

“It has been a primary goal of ours to improve the quality of patient care by allowing the clinician to spend less time navigating the software and more time face-to-face with the patient,” said Jason Wissman, UI Designer, Hyland. “Seeing the impact of these improvements has been incredibly rewarding for all of us on the development team.”

Much easier to learn and to use, with faster image retrieval as well, I’m confident our customers will be as excited about these enhancements as I am. Check out these  “before and after” shots of the main page! The team is happy to show off the new OPW 18 – just reach out to your account manager to arrange a demo.

For this “new kid on the block,” seeing how dedicated the Hyland Healthcare team is to making good on our goals to deliver solutions to help make healthcare better, is inspiring. I’m looking forward to sharing all of the ways we’re helping clinicians and healthcare administrators make more informed decisions faster. This may have been my first blog – but it certainly won’t be my last!

Julie Clements

Julie Clements is a healthcare solution marketing manager at Hyland.

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