Sad the awesome #HIMSSanity has come to an end, see you next year!

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HIMSS15 was full of great conversations with partners, analysts, media, customers and prospective customers. We covered a lot of ground, literally, so I thought I would give you a quick recap of the high points from the show.


  • HIMSS15 broke the attendance record with over 49,000 attendees
  • Mobile eCapture helped the New York University Langone Medical Center create a paperless registration process
  • Healthcare organizations are adopting interoperability to optimize the way they exchange patient information
  • Dr. Karen DeSalvo and Andy Slavitt shared the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s (ONC) new focus – creating a delivery system that enables better care, smarter spending and healthier people

It was interesting to hear about the ONC’s new priority because it validates what leading enterprise content management (ECM) providers have been doing for years – helping our customers deliver faster, more efficient and better care.

Thanks in part to IT advancements, the healthcare inflation rate is the lowest it has been in years, paving the way for new efficiencies and improved outcomes. Which is what we’re all striving to accomplish – improving patient experiences.

But, to be fair and balanced, here are a few of my lows from the show:

  • Swollen feet
  • A dead cell phone
  • Three straight days of eating pizza for lunch and room service tortilla soup for dinner
  • Being on the wrong side of the show for every meeting
  • Daily panic because my laptop clock was set to another time zone and I thought I was late to a meeting, but I was actually 45 minutes early

Now that you’ve had a few days to recover, it’s time to put those shoes back on, charge your mobile devices and continue shaping the future of healthcare.

But before you go, what takeaways from HIMSS15 will you be implementing over the next year?

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland's marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.
Kate Barney

Kate Barney

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland’s marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.

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