#RSNA15: Successful health information management for you and your patients


As I sat in an image interpretation session at #RSNA15, I quickly realized the job of the radiologist is intensely complicated, more so than I ever recognized. As a nurse who worked in the OR, I have always appreciated their ability to see something in an image that was invisible to me. But today, I listened to an amazing panel of global experts correctly diagnose patients will little to no patient history.

However, as the patient population grows in age and medical complexity, it’s even clearer how important it is for clinicians to have access to a greater breadth of information. With more information, these experts make conclusive diagnoses much quicker and with more certainty.

Their job is challenging enough – our job is to better support them in providing excellent care to their patients.

Patient history, test results and images are critical to making diagnoses. Correct diagnoses are required to make successful treatment plans, which are required for patients to heal and recover. Without data and content, we are making their jobs more difficult and adding unnecessary risk.

Doing health information management the right way

In this case, I can diagnose the problem and determine a solution. Enterprise content management (ECM) software is the knight in shining armor – capturing, securely storing and making content available to clinicians whenever they need it.

Lab results, CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, whatever clinicians need, your ECM solution should work with electronic medical records and healthcare information systems to provide the right content at the right time in the right context. You don’t need to keep this information in siloes within multiple IT repositories that require large amounts of IT resources to maintain.

Gartner analyst Barry Runyon has studied the convergence of PACS and VNA systems to ECM platforms because it makes sense to have one code base, one repository and one platform to secure, maintain and upgrade.

By creating a comprehensive clinical content strategy that includes an ECM solution with VNA capabilities and works effortlessly with the EMR, life is easier for everyone involved. This helps your clinicians focus on patient care.

Spend less time searching for content and more time helping patients. Simplify what you can in a world of growing complexity. Your staff, and your patients, will thank you.

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland's marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.
Kate Barney

Kate Barney

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland’s marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.

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