RSNA 2016: Going beyond a simple archive with OnBase

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The theme of “Beyond Imaging” at RSNA 2016 was highlighted by President Richard L. Baron, M.D., during his opening address where he delivered a message to look “beyond the constraints of the image to gain a broader perspective on the patient experience.”

At Hyland, we wholeheartedly agree. While on the floor at RSNA, I listened to attendees who shared concerns regarding standard vendor neutral archive (VNA) solutions, and what they were unable to address and deliver.

As experts at the forefront of healthcare technology, at Hyland, we are keen on driving innovation that supports our healthcare customers to make informed decisions and provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Seeing the whole picture

OnBase captures all types of images and content, but that is not enough. Archiving is just not enough. With that in mind, we’ve moved the concept of VNA to an entirely new level of sophistication through our one platform approach. And, true to Dr. Baron’s words, we are helping clinicians see the whole patient picture – including structured and unstructured information across departments – and displaying it in a meaningful therapeutic context.

In some of my conversations at RSNA, I shared my thoughts on how Hyland is unique in this space. We heard time and time again that there are many studies being performed outside of the radiology and cardiology departments that aren’t being captured in the “tried and true” radiology workflows that radiology staff expect. They are looking for ways to push those clinical areas into workflows that adhere to those that fall in the radiology comfort zone.

But why not look at these non-traditional studies and workflows with fresh eyes? How can we accommodate the needs of specialty clinicians while still providing an organized, secure archive for their DICOM studies that is easily accessible across the enterprise?

Our offering is so much more than VNA – it’s really a vendor neutral platform. It’s a scalable, economical solution that provides organizations with a roadmap to meet growing storage needs. It enables healthcare organizations to start small in one department and leverage the solution over time into other needed areas.

Improving security

Another important point is cybersecurity, which is a very hot topic, and one that’s unfortunately skyrocketing in importance within healthcare. OnBase provides the highest level of role-based security available through native encryption, but it also promotes accessibility whether it’s mobile, cloud or on-premises. Effectively joining together accessibility with security is something we’re particularly proud of, and hails back to our start in the enterprise content management (ECM) world and our successes with financial institutions, where security has always been a priority for the industry.

While we walked by the rows and rows of impressively massive MRI machines, I heard more chatter about small, hand-held devices. These small-but-mighty machines that are all the rage begged the question from our booth visitors about whether or not we were able to accommodate their data.

Closing the gaps

I’m happy to say that the OnBase VNA solution doesn’t require associated orders to the files generated by any imaging procedures. For those point-of-care ultrasounds done on-the-fly, for example, OnBase fills gaps for studies conducted outside of radiology to ensure secure and easily retrievable studies accessible through comprehensive EMRs.

While these are just a few differentiators, I cannot stress enough how we truly believe in what we do at Hyland – especially for our healthcare customers. They’re central to our success and paramount to continuing to advance our technology offerings, which in turn ensures their success.

Managing today’s healthcare environment means going beyond just images. It requires closing the information gap between patients, payers and providers.

That’s why we have driven OnBase to move from a simple vendor neutral archive solution to a scalable vendor neutral platform strategy. We go beyond imaging and apply workflow intelligence to our content and turn data into impactful information. Information that helps provide effective healthcare.

Susan deCathelineau

Susan deCathelineau

With more than 20 years of healthcare technology and leadership experience, Susan deCathelineau leads Hyland’s global healthcare sales and services organization. In her role as Senior Vice President, Susan establishes... read more about: Susan deCathelineau

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