Live from #HIMSS16: Listening is the key to success


I was waiting in line to board my flight to #HIMSS16 when I started talking with a man standing next to me. He was also heading to HIMSS. He said this would be his 100th HIMSS and he doesn’t learn anything new anymore.

That seemed pretty jaded and a bit inaccurate – he’s at least 120 years old? – but it spurred me to ask myself the question, “What do we learn at HIMSS?”

The answer hinges upon the response to one main question – are we here to learn?

Listening: The key to learning

Susan deCathelineau, Hyland’s vice president of Healthcare Sales and Services, recently wrote a blog post about how winning can sometimes lead to complacency. Her response to how Hyland handles winning was that we continue to drive innovation, namely by listening to our customers. With several thousand customers and healthcare leaders attending the show, we learn a great deal when they share their thoughts, experiences and challenges.

But we have to have an open mind and actually listen to what they’re saying.

For us, listening to these experts helps drive innovation throughout the rest of the year. And it helps us prepare for the next show, where our customers and healthcare leaders will ask the same question as the year before, “How can a single enterprise information platform help my organization deliver faster and better patient care while lowering costs?”

If we don’t have a better answer from the previous year, then I’m afraid my friend from the terminal is correct. Indeed, we may not have learned anything. But hey, we went to Vegas, right?


Learning: The key to success

There are plenty of learning sessions, lunch and learns, social gatherings and celebrations. But ultimately, we are all here at HIMSS in the name of better, faster and less expensive healthcare that delivers patient satisfaction.

While we’re on the topic of learning, don’t forget to attend our session on the evolving HIMSS EMR Adoption Model changes with John Hoyt, executive vice president of HIMSS Analytics, on Wednesday, 3/2, at 11:15 a.m. in room 203 near University Row.

And have a great HIMSS everyone!


PJ Carter

PJ Carter is a public relations specialist focusing on healthcare, higher education and OnBase product advancements. He considers himself a lifelong learner motivated by a curiosity to drive improvements.

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