Live from HIMSS12: How healthcare organizations go enterprise with enterprise content management – Part 2 with Cathy Fuhrman from Sharp HealthCare

In Part 1 of this blog, we talked with Eric Huang about the “enterprise” in enterprise content management means more than just scanning documents – it means capturing, processing, storing, accessing, integrating and measuring content.

Cathy Fuhrman, Manager of Information Systems at Sharp HealthCare, thinks about the “enterprise” in enterprise content management as having the option to start small in one department and evolve the solution across the healthcare organization.

“When we first implemented OnBase, it was for just one department. Once we deployed it and proved the ROI, which was basically that in less than six months the entire implementation had paid for itself, then we got interest from other departments who also wanted to start doing document imaging,” says Fuhrman. “And the biggest push for us was when we went into the clinical area and saw that we could actually make a complete medical record…”

Take a look below to learn what else Cathy has to say about ECM:

At Sharp, the health system started with OnBase in its managed care claims department more than 13 years ago and has since expanded it to areas like AP and clinical departments. Now, more than 7,200 unique users have accessed ECM content in the last six months alone.

With meaningful use of EHRs now such an important initiative for so many health systems, you can also start by integrating HIM and clinical content into your EMR and then expanding it out to more areas of the revenue cycle and administrative departments like AP and HR.

But no matter where you decide to start, if you choose a solution with Eric and Cathy’s visions of enterprise in mind, you’ll find a solution that meets your needs today and tomorrow.


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