Live from HIMSS12: Defining the ‘enterprise’ in enterprise content management for healthcare organizations – Part 1: Eric Huang from North York General Hospital

Yesterday on the show floor, we caught up Eric Huang from North York General Hospital (NYGH). He talked about how NYGH uses enterprise content management (ECM) and why it’s critical to their organization. One important point that stuck out was how he looks at what “enterprise” really means in “enterprise content management.”

Huang, an applications consultant at NYGH, talked with us about how ECM is more than just scanning documents. “When you think of enterprise content management, you think of documents being scanned. But, no, OnBase is much more than that,” says Huang. Take a look below to learn more:

While document images are an important part of his ECM integration with NYGH’s Cerner EMR, there’s more to the solution than that. The data he pulls from those documents and the reports he can run are also a key part of the solution’s value. In addition, electronic forms will be an important part of not creating paper in the first place at NYGH.

In fact, there are five key parts of enterprise content management that goes beyond just document imaging and document management:

Capture: Scanning documents, but also importing electronic content ranging from EKGs to photos to videos to EDI streams

Process: Documents need to go through multiple reviews and uses and workflows send documents to the right people at the right time

Store: With one highly secure repository, departments, applications and processes share information more easily.

Access: Quick retrieval in the ECM solution or in an existing application gives users fingertip access to the content they need, when they need it

Integrate: Making documents and content available in the applications users are already accustomed to, like NYGH’s Cerner EMR, is a huge win for adoption and efficiency

Measure: Reporting on data from documents and workflows give you more visibility into processes and productivity

Stay tuned for our next blog that will talk about how Cathy Fuhrman, Manager of IS at Sharp, thinks about the “enterprise” in enterprise content management.


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