Live from HIMSS AsiaPac: How healthcare systems are transforming from one side of the world to the other

In this morning’s opening session at HIMSS AsiaPac12, it was clear that healthcare systems from one side of the world to the other are facing strikingly similar challenges. The opening session featured Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Health in Singapore, and Dr. Blackford Middleton, Corporate Director of Clinical Informatics Research & Development (CIRD) at Partners Healthcare System in Boston, Mass.

Although they are from countries on opposite sides of the world and 12 time zones apart, both focused on how the changing healthcare landscape is going to force healthcare systems to undergo a remarkable transition. With aging populations, the rise of chronic diseases and an exploding amount of information to handle, current systems and processes aren’t sustainable.

Gan focused on how Singapore is reevaluating how they deliver care and moving from episodic treatment to holistic and integrated patient care that connects care both within and outside of healthcare organizations.

“Healthcare information must be current and complete to provide good care,” said Gan, “and it should be available no matter where they are treated. IT will play a key role in this transformation of healthcare services.”

Middleton noted that the amount of information out there is becoming unmanageable for clinicians as well. It continues to increase exponentially and goes beyond the human capacity for decision-making. Clinical decision support (CDS) systems have to continue to progress if we are going to provide better patient care and bring down the cost of healthcare.

Whether it’s in Singapore, Europe, the Middle East or the U.S., the cry for a complete patient record and knowledge is heard around the world. In every hospital we visit, they are working to accomplish a level of care that goes beyond the capabilities of today’s processes and solutions. And moving to integrated, holistic patient care can’t be done without the support and innovation of healthcare IT.

To talk with us more about the call for healthcare transformation, visit Hyland Software at booth 512 at HIMSS AsiaPac. Even better, let’s talk over a free beer during our happy hour starting at 4 p.m. today in the booth.

Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal serves as the chief clinical officer and director for Global Healthcare Consulting at Hyland. Her primary responsibilities include: evolving our global healthcare business, understanding healthcare trends and business... read more about: Colleen Sirhal

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