Live from AHIMA: 3 steps to a healthy organization


Making sure healthcare organizations are healthy and running as efficiently as possible is one of the big themes of the AHIMA14 show. Here’s a simple, three-step process to help make sure you’re on that path.

Step 1: Perform a check-up

Start with auditing your organization – essentially giving it a “check-up” to see how it’s currently performing.

Consider establishing an Information Governance Committee. Recruit members from every department (clinical, HIM, legal, billing, and so on…) to identify every source of clinical information (consent forms, lab data, etc.). Then, address whether or not your organization is reliably and effectively managing it.

Step 2: Ask the tough questions

What are your retention policies? Is your data stored securely? How do you manage access? Is your healthcare organization compliant with all regulations? Are you sure? Are you meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use certification?

This committee will have tremendous responsibility, but it will also be instrumental in affecting the way your organization manages its information. It may also identify the need to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) solution. ECM securely manages your unstructured data to make that critical information available when, where and how your clinicians need it.

With ECM, the organizations that we rely upon to keep us healthy can develop efficient, effective ways to streamline operations and reduce costs – which in turn, keeps them healthy, too.

Step 3: Seek the help of experts

Just like many doctors are general practitioners, once you’ve made an initial diagnosis, it’s time to consult some experts. By talking to leaders in the ECM industry, you can put a plan together to steer your organization toward lasting health.

I recommend you start by checking out part one of this three-part series from AHIMA.


Renee Close

Renee Close is the global healthcare marketing manager at Hyland, creator of OnBase. Prior to joining Hyland in 2011, Renee held marketing roles in the legal and manufacturing industries. She... read more about: Renee Close

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