Live at HIMSS14: ease the transition to ICD-10 with ECM

As noted during this morning’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) session, in a few short months, the mandatory transition to ICD -10 will be a reality. Healthcare organizations around the country are preparing for the inevitable: Making sure physicians and staff are ready for the changes and that supporting documentation is in place to accommodate ICD-10’s more complex coding.

Attendees browsing the booths at HIMSS14

Attendees browsing the booths at HIMSS14

While these are necessary steps, there’s a question keeping CIOs, CFOs and HIM Directors up at night: What else should we be doing to prepare for the transition?

One complete patient record

Consider implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution. ECM manages your unstructured content – all the dictated histories and physicals, referred labs, outpatient testing results, orders, consults and medical images you use every day. Integrating ECM with your computer-assisted coding solution supports the complexity found in the new coding structure by improving access to one complete patient record. Coding staff easily access the information they need to differentiate between billing for a simple procedure or diagnosis, or for a much more complicated – and costly – scenario.

The OnBase MVP suite at HIMSS14

The OnBase MVP suite at HIMSS14

Your ECM solution may even hold the key to securing some reimbursement dollars, as the content within it may highlight comorbidities that could significantly impact your reimbursement or prevent initial claims denials.

Reimbursement and revenue cycles are tricky and now, more than ever, every dollar counts. If your coding staff cannot easily access your unstructured data, your facility may be leaving money on the table.

Before the exhibitor hall closes this afternoon, stop by OnBase booth #2364 to learn how we can help you prepare for the transition to ICD-10!


Kate Barney

Kate Barney

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