Live at HIMSS 13: Right Time? Yes. Right Place? Yes. It’s On!

HIMSS kicks off this morning with the theme, “Health IT: Right Time. Right Place. It’s On.” There’s no question that now is the “right time.” With deadlines for many regulations quickly approaching, healthcare organizations must and are acting quickly to tackle the big issues facing healthcare.

The HIMSS conference is also the “right place” to do it. Healthcare organizations will largely rely on their CIOs and IT teams to conquer these challenges. There’s no other opportunity like the HIMSS conference to gather the best minds in the industry in one place to talk about them.

I also like that “it’s on” suggests a preparedness, a readiness to take on anything. We are ready to take on the most important challenges facing healthcare today. What other industry could tackle Meaningful Use, HIMSS EMR Adoption models, ICD-10 and the healthcare reform act all at the same time?

Conferences like HIMSS show a willingness in the HIT industry to collaborate together to make changes and move forward together. Of course competition is tight in our healthcare markets, but HIMSS shows that more of us are working together – sharing successes, learning from each other’s mistakes, and taking on the hard issues facing our industry – to serve patients better.

What do you think? Are we reading to take on the challenges of 2013?


Susan deCathelineau

Susan deCathelineau

With more than 20 years of healthcare technology and leadership experience, Susan deCathelineau leads Hyland’s global healthcare sales and services organization. In her role as Senior Vice President, Susan establishes... read more about: Susan deCathelineau

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