Investing for the long term: Putting the “E” in ECM

Have you heard the buzz around electronic health records? It’s all about the need to put the oftentimes paper patient records and data into electronic format.

That’s all well and good, but what about the rest of the healthcare organization? Much like most businesses, there are administrative functions like HR and AP that also have plenty of processes and content that needs to be managed.

While the media is only talking about the patient record side of things, I was relieved today when talking with a large healthcare delivery network. The woman I chatted with said that while they’re starting with ECM on the clinical side, one of their major requirements was choosing an ECM solution with the ability to extend to the rest of the organization.

In other words, a departmental document management system simply didn’t offer enough value for the long term to justify the investment.

This just isn’t in healthcare though. Check out the video I took from today’s general session:

description=”Putting the E in ECM”



 The gentleman in the video works in the IT department of an insurance company. Much like the healthcare provider starting out with ECM on the clinical side, he was first using ECM with the underwriting process. But even from the get-go, he acknowledged that any good ECM solution should have the ability to go beyond one or two departments.

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