Interoperability and other highlights from the first Hyland Healthcare Forum | San Diego

The first Hyland Healthcare Forum of 2019 is in the books, and San Diego did not disappoint! Our customers enjoyed hearing from a variety of presenters as well as networking with Hylanders and other attendees. Although the sun only made a brief appearance for a beautiful sunset, it was a fantastic event.

Side note: Mother Nature, you disappointed with the San Diego weather – didn’t you know I was visiting from Cleveland and we haven’t had any sort of spring?!

Healthcare interoperability

First up, we heard from Janet King, senior director of market insights at HIMSS, on the research we recently commissioned around interoperability. We surveyed hospitals and acute care facilities across the U.S. to learn how they’re driving greater interoperability to strengthen connected healthcare.

Unfortunately, King said only 33 percent of the survey respondents reported the highest level of interoperability with two or more systems exchanging, interpreting, and using exchanged data. And less than 50 percent reported that they are highly effective at leveraging technology to advance goals like optimizing clinical workflows, improving communication and the coordination of care, empowering staff to make faster decisions, and improving patient satisfaction.

My simple way of describing interoperability? Interoperability means everyone wins. When systems talk to each other, it means better patient care because clinicians can access the information they need, when and where they need it.


Next, we heard from Kara Marx, vice president of IT applications at Sharp Healthcare. With 18,000+ employees, Sharp is the largest healthcare system in San Diego.

Marx asked the room if anyone was using mobile e-capture, and when no one raised their hand, she was so excited to share her story. In addition to using Hyland Healthcare solutions across the enterprise, Sharp now uses electronic capture of patient forms at all registration desks and emergency room departments.

Along with streamlining the patient experience, another win? Saving $50K so the system paid for itself.

Since implementing e-capture in 2015, Sharp has experienced multiple wins:

  • Patients have a lightweight, user-friendly experience for patient consent forms. In fact, they’ve commented that they like how each field is marked where they need to sign and how easy it is to move around.
  • Sharp has created a secure and intelligent way to obtain the correct forms for each specific patient.
  • Signed forms are easily accessible via OnBase and Cerner.
  • 38 different forms are available in five languages and range from patient access to oncology, resulting in 2 million + forms and images uploaded from e-capture.
  • The staff loves the ease, mobility, and intuitive nature of the application.

A single view of the patient

Our other customer presenter was Aditya Chauhan, associate director of integration & ECM from Cedars-Sinai Health System. Instead of giving the background on Cedars in words, he showed this video.

I love a good marketing video, and this one was fantastic!

Aditya manages a large enterprise content management team at Cedars-Sinai, and he talked about how OnBase, Hyland’s ECM/content services platform, moved from a departmental to an enterprise-wide solution. He also shared how the organization consolidated four separate ECM systems into one, using OnBase as the go-to platform.

If that wasn’t enough, his team is tasked with managing other solutions, from OnBase Patient Window to the Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive – giving clinicians a single view of the patient. Aditya credits the success of the solutions because of his team and the value he sees in them – and the value the team provides.

A few highlights include:

  • Hiring the right people, and that doesn’t always mean they have OnBase experience. Some of the team members were developers rather than from IT. This means they can build integrations on their own.
  • Aditya’s team didn’t come with “bad habits.” He joked that he’d rather teach them his bad habits!
  • He believes in investing in the team. Whether it’s sending them to Hyland headquarters for TechQuest, or renewing certifications at CommunityLIVE, he’s making sure they know the latest and greatest.
  • Aditya also believes in work-life balance. Sure, there are some extra hours during an upgrade, but that’s the exception and not the rule.

In addition to our external presenters, other highlights included presentations from our consulting, product management, and solution management teams.

We’re always looking for customer feedback on what we’re working on internally – and our customers aren’t shy to share ideas and recommendations. It’s also always great to hear their suggestions, find out where their organizations are headed, and how we can help.

Hyland Healthcare Forum in San Diego

More to come!

We can’t wait to visit the five other U.S. cities on the map this year for our Hyland Healthcare Forums.

Come join us in:

  • Seattle – June 11
  • Chicago – July 17 and 18
  • Nashville – TBD
  • Dallas – October 3
  • Philadelphia – TBD

If you’re in the U.K., we’re hosting our first-ever Hyland Healthcare Forum in London on the 17th of May. Perfect timing to join the frenzy in welcoming Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s baby.

See you in a city near you soon!

Amy Oliver brings more than 10 years of marketing experience to her role in healthcare global programs at Hyland where she develops marketing programs to support the healthcare business. Amy earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Marketing from Mercyhurst University. Outside of living the #HylandLife, Amy enjoys rooting on the Cleveland Indians with her husband, spending time with their three (very cute) dogs, or reading a good book in the sunshine.
Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver brings more than 10 years of marketing experience to her role in healthcare global programs at Hyland where she develops marketing programs to support the healthcare business. Amy... read more about: Amy Oliver