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As your organization consolidates or sunsets systems, the task of performing release of information (ROI) becomes increasingly more complex, forcing health information management (HIM) professionals to search several systems for the required information.

This was incredibly top of mind for my friend and customer Leslee Cook, document imaging system administrator at Loma Linda University Medical Center, as we pursued the opportunity to present a recent successful solution to our HIM peers at the AHIMA 2016 Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

Especially after learning that the AHIMA Convention tagline was “Inspire Big Thinking to Launch Our Future.”

Thinking big

When Cook and I met a few years ago, we knew right away that we would work well together. She does a great job spending meaningful time in departments that use enterprise content management (ECM) to access information quicker to improve patient outcomes. So she’s the perfect person to help AHIMA attendees craft solutions that improve the lives of staff members and patients.

What is exactly is “better,” you may ask? It can mean a more efficient way to deliver information, more accuracy, less clicking, more automation, streamlining processes and so on. For example, one day, Cook called me to tell me the Loma Linda HIM team needed a better process for releasing information.

I naturally thought to myself, “I better get on a plane immediately and fly directly to Southern California and help my friend out.” I mean, my hometown of St. Louis rocks, but when Cali calls… 🙂

When we met with the HIM team at Loma Linda to talk about release of information, the task at hand was around releasing all of the documents they had moved into OnBase from other systems. Yes, the ever-popular conversion!

Conversions are great projects for healthcare organizations, and involve taking all of the data out of legacy systems and then converting it into an ECM solution to pare down to a single application to manage documents and information.

But guess what? We needed to think bigger. It needed to be better. The documents were in OnBase, but retrieving them was a time-consuming, inconsistent, lots-of-clicks kind of task.

We put our heads together and implemented a solution that not only enabled Loma Linda to release the converted documentation in a repeatable, automated fashion, but it was also able to reduce the need to perform releases by 70 percent in less than six months after the go-live!

Launching the future

And so, our AHIMA presentation titled, “Streamline Release of Information Through Consolidation,” came to life.

As we took our audience at AHIMA16 through this journey of the importance for Loma Linda to have all patient data in one location and the need to streamline the ROI function, eyes were big, heads nodded. There was a feeling in the room that the issue was real and felt throughout healthcare organizations all over.

Sharing both the solution to more quickly and accurately release legacy patient records and the impactful results Loma Linda achieved made us proud. We had the feeling that we were able to showcase an integral accomplishment that will be part of the sustained long-term success at Loma Linda that is repeatable across other healthcare organizations.

The AHIMA conference brought HIM professionals together in an atmosphere that encouraged sharing of current healthcare initiatives, how goals are set and met, and ultimately how the future of healthcare is pushing us to think strategically now. As part of that gathering, our presentation was well-received and fostered lots of conversations around how we can take this solution and build upon it.

Don’t you just love it when HIM professionals come together and lead change?

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