In Australia, it’s all about the coach


After a productive week of meetings with clients and partners across Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, it was time to relax and take my visiting U.S. colleagues to an Australian Football League game (AFL). My home team, the Adelaide Crows, were up against the Carlton Blues in what was set to be a win for the home team. In preparation for the game, we wore our fan gear, and I tried to run through some rules of AFL to give my American coworkers an overview.

The game of AFL is largely fluid and positions are not as formally defined as in other sports. There are 18 players a side and each is assigned a main role in the game, which relates to their location on the field.

All players require athleticism and strength to endure the physical demands of the game running constantly on the oval pitch. Players move the oval-shaped ball forward towards their goals by kicking or passing, known as hand balling, to each other. The end result is to kick the ball through the centre posts to earn six points.

The centre of it all: The coach

At the centre of it all is the coach. The coach manages the team, develops the play runs, and pulls all the skills of each individual player together, creating an effective and efficient path to success. The coach has all the information on hand and feeds it out as required, making the individuals cohesively become a dynamic unit. Over four 25-minute quarters, the coach and players coordinate the movement of the ball between each other to score goals with the aim of the game being success at the final siren.

A field of AFL players can look messy, like a scrum or at times a blob of bodies. But when the coach coordinates the play, it all comes together. So it struck me that OnBase is just like an AFL coach.

OnBase captures and stores all the important unstructured content that sits outside of an EMR. This content is critical patient information as it enables clinicians to see the entire patient record. This can consist of individual medical reports and records, photographs, and letter/faxes/emails.

Then, it takes all those fluid individual documents and manages, coordinates, and presents them back in a single cohesive way via the OnBase Patient Window. The documents need to be managed so clinicians can get the best out of them. And the information needs to be accessible in a way that is effective and efficient.

That’s what OnBase does. And when all your relevant unstructured content is coordinated in a dynamic way, everyone benefits by an improved user experience.

Prepping for the win

With the AFL, much preparation happens off the field, prior to the game when the coaching staff makes all the plans and decisions. Then, they train the players, identifying their individual skills, and mapping out the way to get the best out of them.

So to with OnBase and Hyland Healthcare solutions that do everything from digitize and control clinical documents to empower superior care across the enterprise. For example, with enterprise imaging solutions, individual documents and the relevant information is gathered to classify and index the documents, making searching for the relevant information easier and more effective.

Winning in healthcare means improved patient outcomes, and it takes a team to succeed at this. OnBase and Hyland Healthcare is part of this team where every component has a part to play.

I’m certain that my U.S. colleagues enjoyed the AFL, even if they didn’t follow all of it. And, if you’re wondering, the Adelaide Crows got the win 120 to 70 points.

Caaaaaarn’ the Crows!!!

Sandra Lillie is the Director, Global Healthcare Industry and Product Marketing at Hyland Healthcare. She leads a team providing advanced market strategy and messaging expertise to Hyland Healthcare on market alignment, collaboration and client experience in support of Hyland’s extensive healthcare portfolio, including OnBase, Acuo VNA, NilRead Enterprise Viewer, and the PACSGear Enterprise Image Connectivity Suite. Sandra brings more than 20 years’ experience in hiring and developing high performance teams productive in business development and consultative selling of information technology solutions for the healthcare community. She has extensive leadership experience prior to joining Hyland through roles of increasing responsibility at Lexmark Healthcare, Informatics Corporation of America, Teramedica, Dell Healthcare, EMC delivering solutions supporting health information exchange, vendor neutral archive, enterprise content management, and technology infrastructure in support of healthcare information systems.
Sandra Lillie

Sandra Lillie

Sandra Lillie is the Director, Global Healthcare Industry and Product Marketing at Hyland Healthcare. She leads a team providing advanced market strategy and messaging expertise to Hyland Healthcare on market... read more about: Sandra Lillie