I am still a nurse: Here’s why that matters

While I may work for a software company as an account executive, I’m still a nurse.

My goal out of nursing school was straight forward. I wanted to help people who were ill return to health. For many years this was my role.

Nursing is a dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing profession requiring innovation and flexibility. That’s also an accurate description of the world of healthcare software, so it was an easy transition.

My experience is mostly surgical nursing. The surgical department was one of the first areas of a hospital automated to capture patient charges and regulatory information requirements. So I was in on the first wave when healthcare organizations began to automate clinical departments.

A necessary nudge

My abilities moved me from direct patient care to leadership and furthering my education to a BSN in Nursing. While this is a step away from direct patient care, I felt I could improve care for many patients in a leadership role.

Improving patient care and creating efficiencies for my nursing staff and others while executing on my organization’s vision became a gradual next step in my career – until the day it became obvious our hospital was going to close.

A vendor had offered me a job at a user group meeting a few months before, but I had declined. I started to think about that. Now was a chance to try something new.

It was the nudge I needed.

Using my nursing skills and understanding of processes in healthcare, I started my new career in technology, which ultimately led me to Hyland. All the while, my experience has helped me work with clients to keep patients and caregivers at the center of the solutions we offer.

A trusted partner

Healthcare organizations grapple with enormous pressures related to cost, regulations, and technology. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But I speak their language, I have felt their pressures, I have walked in their shoes. My goal is to provide efficient, excellent account management, helping healthcare providers uncover how our solutions can help them meet their goals. And at the center of it all is the information they need to make the most-informed patient decisions possible.

I treat my accounts as if I were part of their organization; a partner to their needs. That was always important to me when I worked in healthcare, and it’s just as important to me now.

I love my job, but when someone asks me what I do, I still say I’m a nurse.

Because that’s who I am. And who I will always be.

Dolly Hallaran is a nurse and healthcare account executive at Hyland.
Dolly Hallaran
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Dolly Hallaran

Dolly Hallaran is a nurse and healthcare account executive at Hyland.

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