How Deaconess Health System achieved HIMSS Stage 7 and fueled personal growth

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Welcome to the second edition of our customer blog post series. Our latest post is from Pam Smith, application analyst at Deaconess Health System, a HIMSS Stage 7-accredited healthcare organization.

There are two reasons I wrote this blog post. First, to talk about the value our users derive from our enterprise content management (ECM) solution. Second, to talk about what I personally derive from my professional relationship with the solution’s creator – Hyland Software.

Deaconess Health System provides quality health care services with a compassionate and caring spirit to patients in three states and 26 counties. As a HIMSS Stage 7-accredited health system, Deaconess has achieved significant advancement in our IT capabilities that incorporate automated delivery and electronic medical records. These advancements allow us to deliver superior patient care.

Only 0.3 percent of U.S. hospitals have achieved this, so we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished. And, to put it simply, we couldn’t have done it without the right technology.

User value

Here at Deaconess, our end users love OnBase, our ECM solution. The application is user friendly and puts documents and information right at their fingertips.

No longer relying on paper, we save time filing and then searching for that information later. We also decrease misfiles. Not only are processes faster and more accurate, we are no longer exposed to the risks of paper – loss, theft or damage.

Before our ECM solution, the Patient Financial Services Department used to open and then hand-deliver mail. Now, we automatically scan and index that information as it enters the organization. We then use workflow management to automatically deliver documents and information directly to staff members based on their roles and the particular workflow queues they work.

But that’s not all. We also use OnBase in accounts payable, patient registration, human resources, our outpatient lab, emergency department, coding, finance, home medical billing, physician billing and medical records.

With valuable features like our Epic integration, our important systems communicate and share information. The tight integration allows staff members stay in familiar screens to find the information they need, when they need it.

Personal career development

Personally, my involvement as a board member of Hyland’s healthcare vertical user group is a great opportunity to collaborate with the other members. Not only do we share best practices, we also gain insight by hearing how others have overcome issues. These valuable networking opportunities are a great place to share information and ideas. All the webinars, user groups and forums are very informative and helpful.

Being a board member also empowers me be a strong voice that communicates what enhancements Hyland can make to OnBase for its annual upgrade and release. Technology is always changing, so there is always something new to learn and innovative ways to enhance your processes.

Here at Deaconess, we continue to grow and integrate with other systems. And as we grow, and those systems become more robust, we’re able to offer the quickest, best care possible.

Not only is that a great thing for our organization and our patients, it’s also personally rewarding.

Pam Smith is the application analyst at Deaconess Health System, which has six hospitals, 21 clinics, two urgent cares, several Epic Affiliate Physician offices and an Epic Affiliate Hospital and clinics. Pam has worked with OnBase as the system administrator for seven years and has been involved with Hyland’s Healthcare VOGUE Board since 2010. Deaconess has been using OnBase since 2005 and utilizes several modules, such as Epic integration, AE, Report Services, HL7, ERM, COLD/DIP/EDI, HL7 and Rightfax Integration.

Pam Smith

Pam Smith is the application analyst at Deaconess Health System, which has six hospitals, 21 clinics, two urgent cares, several Epic Affiliate Physician offices and an Epic Affiliate Hospital and... read more about: Pam Smith