How asking questions about healthcare software improves patient outcomes


Editor’s note: Everyone here at The OnBase Blog is excited to kick off a new series. Not only do we love our customers, we love their stories. So we asked our customers to do just that. We started with the Presidents of our user group.

Here’s our first story, from Scott Gardner, application services manager, Corporate Information Systems at Health and Hospital Corp of Marion County in Indianapolis.



It’s amazing to think that our Vital Records (VR) department stores birth certificates and death certificates dating back to the 1800s. We used to record them in a book, in addition to storing them as records on microfilm and paper.

Then, in 1998, our VR department became the first department to begin using enterprise content management (ECM).

Why ECM?

The physical space, as well as the time it took to find certificates, was a very inefficient process. The Director of Vital Records at the time was a very forward-thinking person and began researching healthcare software. Ultimately, she chose OnBase as the solution to store all our certificates electronically.

At one point of the project, AJ Hyland (Hyland’s former CEO and president) was in our office helping us create a workflow to automatically route documents and information through processes. That’s kind of just how Hyland is. They really care about customers.

After the project went live, the VR department efficiency improved dramatically. Prior to our ECM solution, a customer could expect to wait between 20 to 25 minutes to get a birth or death certificate. Today, a customer can expect to wait no longer than a few minutes, and most of that time is us validating their identity.

Expanding across the enterprise

For a period of time, we thought our ECM system was only a VR solution. Other departments knew the department was achieving very successful results, but were under the impression it was strictly a Vital Records solution.

Then, one of our Software Engineers went to API training at Hyland and came back with a wealth of knowledge on how to integrate applications with OnBase.

Using OnBase as a single enterprise information platform, he built custom applications to capture and store paper electronically in a single, secure location. Utilizing the API, he was able to demonstrate how the application could retrieve documents – from any user, anywhere in the organization.

After the application went live, users began to see the power of the solution and started to ask questions. Those questions led to more projects and a wider use of the solution across the enterprise.

Today, every department in our enterprise utilizes OnBase in one way or another. As the product becomes more sophisticated with each release, it allows our users to gain more efficiency and generate more ideas on how and where to utilize it.

That, in turn, allows us to focus on providing the best healthcare we can possibly deliver.

Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner is an OnBase customer working as an application services manager, Corporate Information Systems at Health and Hospital Corp of Marion County in Indianapolis. Scott is the president of... read more about: Scott Gardner