HIMSS Day 2 Recap: Mobile Isn’t Just About Receiving Information – It’s About Storing Information

HIMSS Day 2 Recap-Mobile Isn’t Just About Receiving Information–It’s About Storing Information Across all industries, there’s no doubt that mobile is a hot topic. In the ECM world, we’re thinking about how we can keep those individuals that do much of their work away from a desk – claims adjuster, government field worker, etc. – as connected and as seamlessly involved in the process as possible.

In healthcare, it’s usually the idea that a physician could use a mobile device similarly to how they use a pad of paper. But, with a device, it’s not only about inputting information, but also retrieving already stored content to make better decisions at the point of care.

This idea came up regularly, both in conversations with attendees and the media. There are a lot of questions about whether this would ease or complicate what the IT folks are trying to accomplish – get the right technology in place and get physicians to use it.

But, to the attendees of this year’s HIMSS, mobile also took on a different connotation. To them, how they store information electronically was a three part answer: creating new information in a digital environment (for example, the EMR), getting previously paper-based information into an EMR, an ERP and other line of business systems (where an ECM solution comes into play), and taking digital information that’s created away from the desktop, like EKGs, and integrating it with the patient record.

As the goal is to have all of a patient’s information in one place, and do so as quickly as possible, the third part of that statement is getting more attention. IT folks are realizing that sooner than later, it won’t be acceptable to use a device for an EKG scan, print it, then scan it into a content management system. Rather, the content management system needs to be in place and able to automatically ingest, index and store the content.

After all, if the content is digital in the first place, why not keep it that way?

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