HIMSS Day 1, Part II: What About the Cloud?

What’s my favorite part about HIMSS? You never know who you’re going to run into.

Waiting for the hotel shuttle yesterday, I ended up having a conversation about the future of healthcare IT with none other than the founder of Quality Systems Inc. and NextGen, Sheldon Razin. Sheldon is the classic entrepreneur – he knows so much about a field – healthcare IT – and wants to share it with anyone who’ll listen.

So, naturally, he lit up when I asked him, “What do you think is the future of healthcare IT?”

In short, he said, “the cloud.” We didn’t have a lot of time, but we did discuss how there are so many healthcare solutions needed to really impact patient care, and that at some point, it’ll make more sense for some healthcare organizations to outsource the management of the infrastructure and data management.

This brings up an interesting point. At the CIO Forum on Sunday, a major theme was how CIOs have to focus not on the cost of technology, but rather on how risky the investment is and how much value it’s going to provide long term.

The healthcare field is changing a lot now. With all the competition and big systems only getting bigger, the needs of the healthcare organization are continuing to change. So if a healthcare organization is looking to invest in technology now, wouldn’t it make sense for the long-term value of the solution to at least have the option of being SaaS-based? With larger systems purchasing home healthcare providers and smaller physician systems, the healthcare field needs to be ready to accommodate that kind of IT environment.

Something that Sheldon and I didn’t get into on the topic of SaaS was security. Many other industries have acknowledged that the risk isn’t really as high as was first perceived, but healthcare is still holding tight to that perception.

On that note, is cloud a viable option for healthcare? Or do the words “patient information security” inspire too much fear into even try it out?

Kaitlin McCready

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