HIMSS 2011 Day 1: Systems That Work Together Work for Healthcare

The first day of HIMSS 2011 has come to an end, and it’s certainly been a much different feel than last year.

Last year, it was about meaningful use of patient information. But today, attendees seemed to be focusing on a more actionable question – how?

As one reporter that I spoke with put it, no one system is going to do it all. Healthcare organizations must realize this. Once they do, their priorities shift to focus on ensuring multiple systems work together.  

 From the patient care perspective, this is where interoperability plays in a big way. I had the opportunity to visit the Interoperability Showcase yesterday, and my tour was focused on an event that happened that needed to be documented and archived in a static form. What struck me most in what the three vendors showed was what was implied – this is an optimal situation, and isn’t something that’s happening now universally when there is IT in place.HIMSS 2011 Day 1-Systems That Work Together Work for Healthcare

 Walking around the show floor, every vendor wants to sell you on how their product will make the healthcare organization more competitive. But I’d encourage show-goers to ask about the big picture. For enterprise content management, that question should be does it enable the organization to have one central place to store that unstructured content and also integrate it with all systems – from ERPs to EMRs – that need to call up that content regularly?

Something that I haven’t even mentioned yet is how this affects physician adoption. Is this issue of integration something that physicians should be asking for? I could get into it, but let’s leave that one for the comments (or for Twitter – tweet at me @HylandSoftware).

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