Exploring new opportunities in the federal healthcare market

The federal healthcare IT market is very large. Exactly how large is very large?

Well, it is closing in on roughly $5 billion annually, with IT services spending slated to increase annually up to 27 percent. In fact, it’s on track to be half of the national healthcare IT spend over the next five years.

Historically, enterprise content management (ECM) technologies were not widely promoted into this market. Yet, as most government agencies look to modernize and become more efficient in their delivery of healthcare, proven enterprise information platform technologies are beginning to play a critical role.

With Hyland’s strong track record in healthcare and the quickly growing federal market, this is a new territory for us to explore opportunities and continue to be a pioneer. In my recent exploration of the federal healthcare terrain, I have observed themes that directly correlate to the solutions and value Hyland is providing to current healthcare clients every day that could translate well into the public sector.

Health system modernization with ECM

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) recently released its Long-Range Technical Architecture document that outlines its technology plan for Healthcare IT through 2024. The document highlights ECM as a primary area for investment over the next four to six years.­­­

The DHA has recognized the role ECM plays in providing better healthcare; and, as an industry leader in healthcare content management, Hyland is in a strong position to become a trusted partner and advisor in the federal healthcare community.

Our private sector healthcare provider customers are creating a single access point for patient data through the OnBase platform by uniting unstructured content with the data in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Consequently, all departments have access to both clinical and administrative information directly from the EHR solutions they use every day.

Leveraging the knowledge we’ve gained from implementing OnBase at the largest health systems around the world, and the deep understanding we’ve learned about integrating our solutions with healthcare applications, our ability to connect disparate health systems to give providers the information they need, when they need it, will be a tremendous benefit to the federal healthcare market.

We’ve evolved from the concept of enterprise content management to an entirely new level of sophistication through our one platform approach: OnBase is the culmination of the convergence of ECM with vendor neutral archive (VNA) and business process management (BPM). The OnBase enterprise information platform is scalable, integrating with critical programs and driving value through workflows and case management capabilities.

It’s not enough to just lock down data and make it secure – important, but not enough. OnBase marries security with accessibility, providing the highest-level of security available through native encryption while providing secure access to critical information when it’s needed via mobile, cloud or on-premises.

Moving toward comprehensive EHR systems

While the federal government is significantly upping its healthcare IT game across the board, it’s especially evident in EHRs. Most notably, the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization awarded Cerner, Leidos and Accenture an historic EHR system contract.

The $4 billion deal will drive healthcare IT spending in the defense space for years, if not decades, to come. This was an interesting process to watch from afar, but now the real fun begins as the DoD embarks on its long mission of rounding out its new EHR with supporting technologies.

It has also been reported that Veterans Affairs (VA) is exploring options for replacing its homegrown VistA EHR to a commercial product. The VistA Evolution project is another chance to bring our industry expertise to the Federal market. The OnBase platform integrates with existing EHR software and is flexible enough to convert multiple legacy systems —including homegrown solutions —offering an unparalleled integration for managing unstructured content to create a complete, secure patient record.

This technology creates an enhanced experience for patients, clinicians and hospital administrators who want to simplify processes and gain instant access to critical information – especially when time is of the utmost importance.

Improved access to information

Both the DoD and VA are looking to enable better care for their patients, which starts with improving access to critical information and empowering providers with access to health information when and where they need it. Federal agencies are looking to implement solid health information management and clinical content strategies and solutions, all of which echoes what Hyland is currently providing to our private sector healthcare customers.

For example, our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) enables organizations to store all content across departments in its native format in a single archive. As a result, providers have secure access to all clinical and administrative information, and are able to strategically manage comprehensive patient content within their EHRs.

Additionally, the OnBase Patient Window (OPW) solution enables providers to see anything from clinical documents to endoscopic studies in context within electronic medical records. OPW would be helpful to DoD IT experts working on the new Cerner EHR as well as the departments that will be advancing the VA’s VistA.

The improved access to information through the OnBase platform for clinical and administrative content ensures the right providers have the right information, at the right time and in the right context, to help empower the right decisions for more effective patient care.

Efficiency + effectiveness = better care

The Federal Government is seeking proven solutions to modernize its healthcare IT systems, and it’s looking to private-sector vendors to make this happen. I look forward to working within the federal space and ensuring that everyone involved views Hyland as a trusted enterprise information platform partner. As many other vendors in our business who have previously been active in the federal space go through major changes — or move to foreign countries — the time is now to bring our expertise to the federal healthcare space.

This is my first blog post about federal healthcare. I look forward to keeping you all updated on our journey and success in our new market where we will help the federal government become more efficient and effective in providing healthcare. In the meantime, please check out our site for continuously updated information.

Bill Canter is the healthcare industry manager for Federal Healthcare at Hyland.
Bill Canter

Bill Canter

Bill Canter is the healthcare industry manager for Federal Healthcare at Hyland.

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