Epic is ready to transition from Hyperspace to Epic Hyperdrive

An RN in a healthcare office is wearing pinks scrubs and a stethoscope as she smiles while looking at a computer screen, presumably to work in Epic Hyperdrive.

For healthcare providers using the Epic electronic medical record system, 2022 brings a seismic shift from Hyperspace to Hyperdrive.

What is Epic Hyperdrive?

Epic Hyperdrive is the front-end, web-based browser built on Chromium that clinicians and staff use to access Epic modules and integrations. It is faster, more efficient and easier to deploy than its predecessor Hyperspace.

U.S. customers will need to transition to Epic Hyperdrive before upgrading beyond the May 2023 version of Epic. Customers in international markets will work with Epic on their timeline for Hyperdrive transition.

For users, the shift should be seamless. But for the enterprise content managers and Epic media manager administrators of the world, there’s a lot of prep going on behind the scenes. After all, without a seamless integration with Hyperdrive, your staff risks losing access to vital patient data.

If your healthcare organization leverages both Epic and the Hyland OnBase content services platform, you need a plan not just for tackling your move to Hyperdrive, but also for optimizing all the tangential technology you use to keep business moving.

Here’s how — and why — OnBase-Epic users can look ahead, starting today.

Using Epic, but not OnBase? Here’s how they work together.

How Hyland customers can prepare for Epic Hyperdrive

Hyland Healthcare and Epic have a long history of working together to deliver an integrated experience for our mutual customers. Hyperdrive will be no different.

We’ve worked with Epic to ensure an efficient transition that takes into account not just this shift, but also the future of healthcare in the cloud.

Plan alongside the Epic Hyperdrive implementation timeline

Epic expected customers to start production testing Hyperdrive in February 2022 and anticipates that most customers will be active users of Hyperdrive before the end of 2022.

To stay compatible, Hyland Healthcare created new integration that is based on industry best practices for SMART (Suitable Medical Apps, Reusable Technologies) on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), delivering the most secure standard for authentication. Hyland’s use of FHIR metadata mapping also improves interoperability between Epic and OnBase, enabling more patient, account, encounter and order information from scanned content to be populated directly into OnBase keywords.

Hyland Healthcare created FHIR integration for Hyperdrive that is already available for our customers with the OnBase Foundation long-term release from 2021.

When should Hyland customers take action?

The Hyland Healthcare team recommends transitioning to the latest version of Foundation now, rather than waiting.

Updating to OnBase Foundation will:

  • Make you ready for Hyperdrive when you roll it out at your enterprise
  • Enhance IT performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Enhance privacy, security, retention and audit compliance
  • Improve interoperability and integration

Additionally, a pre-Hyperdrive move to OnBase Foundation brings several immediate enhancements, including:

  • A new Epic viewer that eliminates ActiveX, to speed screen rendering
  • Improved interface performance
  • OnBase Patient Window enhancements that enhance security and clinician efficiency

An image with an illustration of a cloud that says: Cloud deployment with 293% ROI. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting analyzed siz Hyland customers' implementation of SaaS in the Hyland Cloud and found significant three-year ROI accompanied by increased speed and improved user productivity. Dig into the free Total Economic Impact™ Study now.

Optimize your existing technology

As two of your foundational IT components, Epic and OnBase, make major upgrades designed to adjust to the changing ways we work, you have a unique moment to evaluate the strategic positioning of your technology.

The elephant in the room here is the cloud.

What are your plans for the cloud?

For OnBase-Epic users, taking your content to the cloud benefits you in three big ways:

#1. The cloud eases the transition to Epic Hyperdrive

The easiest way to adopt OnBase Foundation and be ready for Hyperdrive is to migrate to the Hyland Cloud. When you do, OnBase Foundation is built-in and ready for Hyperdrive integration.

#2. The cloud extends the effectiveness of your tech investments

IT and business leaders say content management on a hosted cloud outperforms on-premises deployment for a range of uses, from image capture to creating and collaborating, according to an IDG Quick Pulse cloud report.

A chart from an IDG Quick Pulse cloud report with the title "In choosing cloud or on-premises, business leaders weigh the operational advantages." The cloud shows advantages over on-premise in every category by percentage: Availability (78% vs 42%); disaster recovery (70% vs 8%); flexibility (70% vs 18%); cost (68% vs 10%); software management, maintenance and upgrades (68% vs 22%); scalability (66% vs 22%); website performance (64% vs 12%); customized applications (56% vs 22%); security (52% vs 22%); regulatory compliance and risk management (44% vs 38%).

IDG Quick Pulse cloud report

Hyland knows the healthcare industry, and we get the skepticism about handing over hosting responsibilities. But the perceived benefits of on-premises hosting — oversight, control and data security – don’t actually hold up to the data.

In fact, availability, disaster recovery, scalability and security are just some of the areas that IT and business leaders give the operational advantage to the cloud over on-premises deployments.

Get into the security fundamentals supporting the Hyland Cloud here.

#3. The cloud capitalizes on proven ROI

By switching to the Hyland Cloud, Hyland is maintaining the cost to keep our legacy servers current, to keep them active, and to support that redundant copy of those servers. Our estimated savings totaled about half a million dollars.

$Director of Operations and Process Improvement, financial services organization$

A strategic move to the Hyland Cloud pays dividends, including in financial capital, user experience, security and necessary business agility, according to a Forrester Total Economic Impact of Content Services in the Hyland Cloud.

The study revealed that on average, over three years, enterprises adopting content services with the Hyland Cloud captured:

  • Up to 293% ROI
  • $2.8 million in improved end-user productivity
  • 75% reduction in time spent developing content services solutions using low-code tools

See why more healthcare enterprises are moving to the cloud.

Hyland customer action plan: Next steps for Epic Hyperdrive implementationTwo healthcare workers in blue scrubs and surgical masks in a medical setting look at a tablet together, presumably enjoying the experience of collaborating as they use Epic Hyperdrive.

For Epic users, the move to Hyperdrive is a necessity to provide for reduced cost along with faster and more efficient utilization of server resources. Meanwhile, waiting to coordinate the transition from Epic Hyperspace to Hyperdrive and OnBase Foundation risks dissatisfied clinicians and lost productivity.

Here’s what OnBase-Epic customers should do:

  1. Contact your account executive and discuss moving to OnBase Foundation, either by updating your software or by simplifying your hosting with a migration to the Hyland Cloud
  2. Schedule your Hyperdrive and OnBase Foundation upgrades so both will be completed at the optimal time
  3. Discuss your future-forward cloud strategy and how a migration could impact your processes and bottom line
  4. If you plan to continue on-premises, work with your sales engineer to determine the number of new web servers needed for viewing access and load balancing

Simplify your Epic experience: The Epic and Hyland Healthcare partnership is strong as ever

Hyland Healthcare has been collaborating with Epic since 2003 to deliver unstructured content within Epic application workflow. About our partnership:

  • More than 50% of Epic customers rely on Hyland for content services.
  • OnBase is the only content services platform in the market that has direct integration with Epic Cloud, which improves uptime, security and user performance.
  • Our understanding of Epic solutions helps ensure smooth implementations that are on-time and on-budget.

Most importantly, healthcare organizations utilizing Epic achieve higher user-adoption rates while improving both patient care and the patient experience.

The time for healthcare leaders to create a technology optimization roadmap is now. If you need help, just let us know. Chat with a healthcare team member now.


Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal

Colleen Sirhal serves as the chief clinical officer and director for Global Healthcare Consulting at Hyland. Her primary responsibilities include: evolving our global healthcare business, understanding healthcare trends and business... read more about: Colleen Sirhal