Drive healthcare payer efficiency with digitization

Satisfying member claims and other inquiries in a timely manner is often a very manual process for healthcare payers. With this is mind, it’s no wonder that building an effective digital strategy is such a popular topic at this year’s Cognizant Healthcare Conference.

This annual event brings Cognizant clients and partners together to discuss strategies and solutions that will help address the challenges faced by healthcare payers. This year’s conference, held in New Orleans, features two session categories focused on providing tips and best practices on how to build an efficient digital enterprise.

Cognizant designs its TriZetto Healthcare Products to digitize, automate and streamline a number of core payer processes including administration, care management, provider network management and collaboration. As one of Cognizant’s trusted partners, we help support this effort in a number of ways — namely, by providing immediate access to related digital documentation from within the Cognizant interface.

Bring digital documents into the fold

Oftentimes, claims adjusting and other payer processes require staff to access and review supporting documentation. Searching through paper files, fax directories, network drives and email folders to locate this information is time-consuming and distracting. In fact, it can delay processing time, increase costs and negatively impact member and provider satisfaction.

This manual process stands in the way of true digital transformation. To drive efficiency, users need to be able to access all necessary documents from within the Cognizant interface. Staff should also be able to perform other document-centric tasks from the Cognizant application such as make annotations, generate correspondence templates, automate workflows and create and route eforms to handle exceptions.

Making all related documents available from within Cognizant not only rounds out the digitization process, it provides staff with a complete view of information that accelerates processing and improves decision-making while enhancing accuracy and security.

It’s time to stop the document scavenger hunts and enable true digitization to optimize payer processes. Learn more about how integrating Hyland solutions with Cognizant can help.

Ken Congdon has expertise in the healthcare technology industry and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Ken Congdon

Ken Congdon

Ken Congdon has expertise in the healthcare technology industry and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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