Don’t lose another patient referral

Time is money

The cliché is true – especially when it comes to patient referrals or admissions. There is a labor cost associated with the tasks of a paper-based, manually-intensive business process to manage referrals and complete the admission process. Consider the time it would take to complete the following:

  • Manually scan medical records into a shared drive or repository
  • Verify the insurance and submit for prior authorization when necessary
  • Review the medical documentation received from referral sources to ensure the proper level of care can be delivered in your care centers
  • Communicate back to your referral sources the informed decisions

The math is simple: Determine the total time it takes to complete these processes multiplied by your average hourly wage.  What if you could cut this time in half? Your team could complete other more meaningful work, build better relationships with referral sources and you’ll experience the cost savings.

Automation of the business processes

I’ve already written about Business Process Management and automation to improve customer service, which is a hidden Return on Investment (ROI) that many healthcare organizations have yet to take advantage of. Now it’s time to explore the ROI of the actual throughput efficiencies created with the automation.

Join us on August 22 at 2 p.m. EST for an informative webinar, “The Return on Investment of Referral Management Business Process  ”.

We will discuss how to eliminate manual steps and add accountability for the completion of tasks in the workflow process. We’ll also review the 50 percent reduction we are seeing in the time it takes to complete all tasks involved in referral management and the admissions process. Plus, we’ll share success stories from skilled nursing providers who have been able to transform their organization and improve the continuum of care using Hyland Healthcare solutions.

Join us!

Scott Magers

Scott Magers

As the Account Manager of Post-Acute Care for Hyland, Scott Magers PT, MBA brings more than 20 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy, home health care and most recently... read more about: Scott Magers

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