Diamonds (and EMRs) are forever at HIMSS

Some may hear the acronym “HIMSS” and automatically think of the annual conference (the largest healthcare IT conference in the world!). But, as an organization that has a large presence in the healthcare IT space, HIMSS is more than just a tradeshow for us. It’s an organization we strategically choose to partner with every year through its corporate membership program.

HIMSS’ vision is “better health through information technology” and that aligns perfectly with what we do on a daily basis in our healthcare business at Hyland.

The HIMSS Diamond Summit

Recently, I attended the HIMSS Diamond Summit. This event is for corporate members like us and is a great opportunity to connect with the entire HIMSS ecosystem. Not only do we get a chance to catch up with our HIMSS contacts, network with other experts in the industry, and hear about next year’s conference, we also get to hear from business unit leaders across the HIMSS organization on industry trends that are relevant to what our business does every single day.

Working with HIMSS is really unlike any other relationship I’ve had with a vendor in the past. The organization values the vendor consultant voice – it’s important to them. This summit is a two-way street for us to interact with the organization as a whole. They ask us our input, and we know people are listening.

It’s rewarding to see changes because of our feedback. What a great feeling! It’s a feeling our customers know well, as we listen to their feedback for our annual release. In fact, OnBase 17, which we released this week, has more than 3,500 customer-driven enhancements.

The EMR market is not dead

Throughout the event, we heard from leaders in various business units at HIMSS. But my favorite presentation was by Blaine Newton, executive vice president of HIMSS Analytics, who shared A LOT of stats and data points. It is the analytics arm of HIMSS, after all!

Interesting tidbits included:

  • “The electronic medical record market is not dead or stagnant.”

In fact, EMR upgrades and replacement activities are trending upward. This is great, as organizations strive to utilize the best technology to, in turn, give the best patient care possible. And one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is with an integrated electronic medical record that makes it easier to find the information you need, when you need it.

  • Nearly 20 percent of health systems are in the evaluation stage for a new EMR solution.

If you’re part of this group, I suggest you look for a solution that provides seamless EMR integrations that empower healthcare providers to access patient data when, where and how they need it, to improve patient care.

  • Hospitals at stages 6 and 7 on the HIMSS electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM) have higher CMS quality scores.

The data proves it. Exceptional technology allows for fewer readmissions and a better patient experience.

  • Healthcare IT investments generated $2.5 Billion in savings in five years.

Talk about a lot of savings! How much savings has your IT strategy generated?

You can also make your EMR more powerful by integrating it with the right healthcare software solution – one that empowers users with access to clinical content from directly within the EMR. Rather than searching for what they need, this easy and immediate information access offers clinicians more time to spend providing care for patients. Look for a solution that utilizes native business process management to streamline processes, creating not only a more connected healthcare enterprise, but a more efficient one as well.

EMRAM expertise comes in handy

At the summit, the membership team at HIMSS put on “HIMSS Jeopardy” competition and I’m proud to say our table won! The deciding question for our team to clinch the game was actually about the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM and certified consultant program.

I knew the answer because our organization sees the value in this program and we actually have an EMRAM-certified consultant! Talk about a buzzer beater. My table appreciated the Starbucks gift cards we got as the winners!

And of course, throughout the event, there were networking opportunities for everyone. The poolside reception did not disappoint – complete with a guy on stilts, a tarot card reader, and all the delicious food one expects in Vegas. (The crab cake legs were so good. And I have never seen any that big!)

My colleague and I caught up with our contacts from Cover My Meds. We’re co-hosting a happy hour this fall at Epic UGM, so it was great to spend some time in person to work on planning.

We also were able to talk to those who speak “our language.” Healthcare IT marketing people who can hold conversations in B2B marketing-speak AND healthcare acronyms?! Not easy to find! It was so valuable to talk to industry peers to share ideas and talk about best practices.

Next up, we’re saving the date for HIMSS’ National Health IT Week (NHIT). It’s a full week driving nationwide awareness about the value of health IT. During the week (Oct 2 – 6), organizations and individuals come together activities to showcase the essential role and important promise of health IT in transforming healthcare in America.

Overall, the HIMSS Diamond Summit was a great experience with our healthcare IT friends, both at HIMSS and within the industry. I can’t wait to reconnect with everyone and continue the learning at HIMSS 18!

Clare Cottrill has been living the #HylandLife since 2013. As a content strategist on the Corporate Communications team, she writes about all things Hyland. She resides on Cleveland’s West Side with her husband and two kids.
Clare Cottrill

Clare Cottrill

Clare Cottrill has been living the #HylandLife since 2013. As a content strategist on the Corporate Communications team, she writes about all things Hyland. She resides on Cleveland’s West Side... read more about: Clare Cottrill