Christmas in July from Hyland Healthcare

It hasn’t been easy keeping up with all the exciting additions to the Hyland Healthcare portfolio this year. It’s as though Christmas has been coming to Hyland Healthcare just about every month.

OnBase 18 brings many new presents to those of us in healthcare. Fresh off the whole “Christmas in July” phenomenon, here are 10 of my favorite OnBase 18 gifts.

The top 10

1. RCM | Denial Management

Our new and improved Revenue Cycle Management and Denial Management solution provides users with a convenient and easy interface for viewing, managing, and responding to denials. Increasing your speed and accuracy, it automatically flags denials and puts them into a worklist you can tag with follow-up data to reduce AR time and enhance visibility.

The improved solution:

  • Captures all denials, regardless of origin or type, to provide visibility to the entire organization
  • Categorizes and prioritizes denials using customizable worklists and automated follow-up actions to increase cash flow
  • Monitors denials to identify and report trends to fix the root cause of issues
  • Provides comprehensive analytics, reporting, and dashboards for increased awareness of opportunities for continuous improvement

2. RCM | Reporting Dashboards

Revenue Cycle Reporting Dashboards allow users to view and create data from within the RCM solution. This can be anything from basic financial data about claims or detailed user activity information, allowing for a high-level view of the system’s data or a deeply granular view into the specifics of any given check, claim, batch, user, and much more.

With a variety of pre-configured reporting dashboards designed by financial system administrators, OnBase 18 provides up-to-the minute visibility into transactions, trends, and bottlenecks using reliable, trustworthy data in easy-to-understand format. Most importantly, these reports and dashboards will help you quickly identify meaningful variances.

In addition, the executive dashboard provides a concise view of business performance so executives can get the information they need “at-a-glance” to drive the business forward.

3. RCM | Performance Enhancements

When have you ever seen a 200 percent increase in performance without the use of steroids?

Well, Treasury Records now load 200 percent faster. The performance of RCM Unity version 18 has seen a significant number of performance enhancements supporting increased productivity. Worklists and queues load faster, details appear quicker, queries are speedier, and the entire application is much snappier than previous versions. We also added a progress bar indicator to help you monitor the progress of records loading.

4. HIM | Deficiency Pop

For Health Information Management departments, we added a split-viewer to display the Physician Query and associated document at the same time. Providing additional information helps Physicians complete queries faster, so they can get back to seeing patients and providing care.

5. HIM | Release of Information

With OnBase 18, you can now configure Release of Information to automatically populate the due date on an ROI Request. The solution can also display the remaining days until a request is due on the Active Request List.

This set of enhancements:

  • Reduces the workload for the ROI specialist by automatically calculating the due date based on a configuration setting
  • Allows ROI specialists to sort the Active Request Lists to see which requests will become due the soonest
  • Allows OnBase Admins to configure a ‘Days Until Due’ value for each Facility
  • Allows OnBase Admins to pass a Due Date through OnBase Workflow when a ROI Request is created using the ‘Create Release of Information Request’ workflow action

6. Healthcare Mobile Solutions | Image forms

Image Forms allows editing of existing paper or PDF form templates when they must be exact duplications of original forms. This is the ideal solution for forms cannot have their design modified – I’m looking at you Consents, Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST), and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) forms.

But now, a user can interact with the form as if it were paper. A system administrator can create actions and controls on it like text boxes, radio buttons, drop downs, dates, check boxes, and more – making forms easier to work with.

7. Healthcare Mobile Solutions | Notes

You can now flag documents that require corrections and execute changes from the mobile application. The viewer toggles to Document Corrections mode with the incorrect document on the left pane and the Corrections Request e-form in the right pane.

The corrections form is then placed in a work Workflow queue. It corrects the document in OnBase and sends the corrected version to the corresponding application such as Allscripts or Epic.

8. Healthcare Mobile Solutions | Document Corrections

Love sticky notes? I’ve got great news! The same cool yellow notes that are in OnBase are now available on the mobile app. You can view them or add new ones on the go!

9. Healthcare Mobile Solutions | PACS Scan Mobile

You now can switch seamlessly between PACS Scan Mobile and OnBase to ensure that DICOM data and OnBase data are properly stored. PACS Scan Mobile allows you to capture vital patient images and video using your iPhone or iPad and submit that data as DICOM data to a wide variety of PACS and VNA systems.

In addition, it can submit data natively to Epic’s EMR or natively to an XDS registry/repository. A look-up feature to a DICOM Modality Worklist is also provided to insure that the captured data is properly indexed with patient demographics and imaging types. You can also edit captured images and body parts mapped for inclusion as part of the patient’s record.

10. Brainware Integration| Medical Classification

Last, but not least, coming very soon is an Integration to Brainware!

Brainware brings consistency and speed to medical classification. The solution reads documents and identifies patient and document types in the scan queue. Scanned documents must reach a threshold of a hospital-defined degree of certainty, typically around 70 percent, or the document goes to a manual review queue. Unidentifiable doc types kick to an exception queue, too, to ensure accuracy. Automating this very manual sorting process will make a huge impact in freeing up your HIM resources for more valuable work.

Merry Christmas in July from Hyland Healthcare!

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent for Hyland-produced videos.
Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent... read more about: Julie Fogel