Attendees seek clinical collaboration at HIMSS Europe

Busy, busy, busy. The overriding feeling when I reflect on the HIMSS 2019 European Conference in Helsinki was amazement at just how much our Hyland team managed to pack into three long summer days.

Here are some high-level data on the event to put our experience into perspective:

  • 150+ booth attendees
  • 18 Hyland partner organizations in attendance
  • 15 ‘boardroom’ meetings
  • 50+ solution demos
  • 50 pairs of Hyland gingham socks given away (a future classic?)
  • 2 Helsinki morning runs sponsored by Hyland
  • 1 Hyland cocktail reception

There was a noticeably Nordic element to our delegation, but the quality of conversations and meetings was high from participants across the entire continent. Hyland’s partner network is a great strength in Europe, and our ability to drive collaboration activities during the week was key to a successful event.

Connect content to see your whole patient

Hyland customers and partners from Spain, France, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, and Ireland joined those from closer to home in the Nordics, and the conversation at the booth (and into the evenings) very much revolved around our core message – “See your whole patient.”

Prior to the conference, I wrote a blog post titled Unleashing the power of data at HIMSS Europe 2019, so I was pleased to find out attendees and partners were eager to learn more about how connecting unstructured content to core clinical systems supports clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

Collaboration, in particular, was a theme that kept cropping up. Those we spoke to wanted specifics on how we can help them enable cross-enterprise data sharing and workflow orchestration.

It’s clear that the leading healthcare organizations across Europe are developing and implementing true content services strategies in order to optimize current clinical resources, support existing EMR deployments and serve a vision of collaboration between regions and nations. It was awesome to catch up with our customers and hear how they’re using our solutions to connect their enterprises, see the whole patient, and most importantly, provide improved outcomes.

Benjamin Ramsay is a Hyland Healthcare account manager for the Nordics.
Benjamin Ramsay

Benjamin Ramsay

Benjamin Ramsay is a Hyland Healthcare account manager for the Nordics.

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