3 ways to improve patient care with mobile content management


Imagine a patient calls his clinician with concerns about a slow-to-heal wound. What if that patient could take a picture of the affected area with his watch, cell phone or tablet and send the image to the clinician for her review so they can discuss it while on the call?

Or, what if a clinician who needed a consult on a CT scan could securely send a DICOM image to another clinician and have a conversation about that image in real time?

These examples merely scratch the surface of the ways mobile integrated healthcare – or telemedicine – impacts patient care. These solutions also positively influence the patient experience, clinician satisfaction and administrative functions.

Here are three more ways mobile content management helps you improve patient care:

1. No more filling in the same information over and over

Paperless registration – having patients complete e-forms on tablets rather than handing them stacks of paper forms on clipboards – dramatically improves the experience. Patients provide only the information that isn’t already on file. No more filling in the same information over and over.

2. Better collaboration among clinicians

End-user mobile solutions improve the clinician experience, too, by providing increased, secure access to medical records anytime and anywhere. From a smart phone or tablet, clinicians use an intuitive interface and search filters to view information from a patient’s chart, capture new photos during a visit or complete electronic forms.

3. Expedite administrative tasks

There are any number of ways organizations can use mobile technology to gain a competitive advantage, not only leveraging mobile solutions for clinical access and patient care, but also in the back office for administrative functions. You optimize processes, increase productivity and reduce errors.

Advances in mobile and wireless technologies present unprecedented opportunities to enhance patient engagement while supporting providers and caregivers in the delivery of healthcare. When caregivers have instant access to the information they need, patients don’t have to sit and wait.

Using mobile solutions that the right enterprise content management (ECM) solution offers takes your health information management to the next level. These logical extensions of the end user web or desktop experience, complementing an organization’s overall business strategy while significantly reducing costs for the organization.

It’s a win for everyone involved.


Stacey Less

Stacey Less has had a variety of roles since joining Hyland nearly 13 years ago, including: software engineer, project manager and manager of Strategy & Innovation. In 2013, she moved... read more about: Stacey Less

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