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CommunityLIVE Direct Dinner 2015

This week, a friend shared an interesting story of mistaken identity. She and her husband went to a winery on a Friday night to listen to a local band. Coincidentally, the bar was also hosting a high school reunion. They were greeted with hugs and handshakes and delighted claims of how nice it was to see them again.

Didn’t they look wonderful? They had not changed a bit!

Ironically, neither my friend nor her husband had attended that school. Or ever lived in that city, for that matter.

The glad-handing went on non-stop despite multiple efforts to interrupt and explain until, finally, they admitted defeat after being dragged up to get their name tags. They went on to enjoy a wonderful evening, celebrating a milestone with people they had never met.

Our annual reunion: CommunityLIVE

Which brings me to CommunityLIVE. CommunityLIVE is filled with reunions. It is a great time to reconnect with Hylanders, partners and other customers. Here at Hyland, we all look forward to seeing customers in person to celebrate recent successes and advances they’ve made since we last connected.

There are so many reunions that take place between CommunityLIVE alumni. It is always fun to hear how that project someone started last year has turned out. Maybe that same project is something you will try next year, and you’d love to hear all about it. You never know.

Whether you’ve been to our annual event before, or it’s your first time, the amount of opportunities to reconnect with alumni and Hylanders seems nearly endless.

Experts from all industries

CommunityLIVE is also about connecting with people you have never met, all assembled around a common thread of leveraging the power of OnBase to work better, faster and smarter. From government to healthcare, higher education to financial services — and everything in between — so many people are using OnBase, there is a wealth of applicable best practices and helpful experiences that you can easily tap into. I learn something from our customers every day, and so can you at CommunityLIVE.

For example, in higher education, they are evaluating a comprehensive digital student record and how to best serve and retain students. The dialogue is markedly similar to our conversations in healthcare about improving the patient experience and delivering superior care.

Talk to our friends in finance, and you will learn more about security than you ever thought possible. Healthcare folks have been addressing issues with hackers and ransomware for a few years, whereas financial professionals have been dealing with it for decades.

My Government colleague reminded me today that as I have been following the flooding in Louisiana, issues of resiliency and disaster recovery take on a whole new scale. So if you have concerns regarding record retention, talk to someone in government about your concerns.

They also have a lock on agenda management. If you can manage agendas in government, a few board meetings and some Joint Commission preparation will be a snap!

As you’ll see — much like my friends who began their evening looking to enjoy wine and live music, but ended the night as honorary members of the Avon Lake High School Class of 1982 — jumping out of your comfort zone can be incredibly memorable. Reunite with familiar colleagues and new faces at this year’s CommunityLIVE, and you might be surprised by what you find.

Isn’t that what networking is about?

Kate Barney

Kate Barney

Kate Barney, RN, is Hyland’s marketing portfolio manager for the healthcare industry.

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