10 reasons to upgrade your revenue cycle management solution to OnBase 18

OnBase 18

Upgrading any software application can be a daunting task, but it’s a necessary one. As your business and processes evolve, so too should the systems that support them.

With the release of OnBase 18 and its refreshed solutions for payment posting, treasury reconciliation, and denials management, the time is right to review the solutions you’re currently using to manage your revenue cycle.

The top 10

Consider these 10 compelling reasons to update your patient financial solutions:

1. Performance and scalability

Application performance is more critical than ever. End users expect the applications they use every day to keep up with the fast-paced nature of their roles. To deliver this functionality, many areas of the OnBase revenue cycle management (RCM) solution have seen significant performance increases – including up to a 2,000 percent increase in processing throughput for file imports – to ensure information is always available for end users when they need it.

Additional enhancements include the ability to load-balance the application, supporting high-availability deployments as well as the elimination of manual file management tasks, now completely automated by the OnBase content services platform.

2. Modern user interface

With a modern user interface and sleek color scheme, our content services platform provides a consistent application experience for end users, aiding in user adoption and confidence. The flattened interface and ribbon design will be familiar to anyone who has used recent releases of the Microsoft Office suite.

3. Billing system integrations with AutoLink

Creating timesaving integrations with your billing system has never been easier. Our AutoLink capabilities allow your follow-up staff to navigate directly to a patient’s account in your billing system with a single click!

4. Treasury reconciliation

Cash reconciliation – often a spreadsheet-intensive, manual process – is one of the major struggles healthcare organizations are currently facing. To help organizations overcome this issue, OnBase automates the entire cash management process. Through our configurable rules engine, it’s never been easier to accurately and automatically reconcile cash.

To provide even greater insight into the matching and reconciliation process, we created a new workspace specifically designed to improve the way end users view this complex data. Leveraging the full flexibility of the OnBase suite, end users will also have fingertip-access to the original EOB images associated with payments.

Throw in support for integration with your general ledger system, and you have a complete cash management application.

5. Unity Forms and Workflow

By upgrading your current RCM solution, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full capabilities of the OnBase content services platform. You can even extend your processes with Unity Forms and Workflow. Utilizing workflow to route for the appropriate reviews, approvals, and transaction audits, you easily automate account balance transfers.

6. Audits and logging

Patients expect timely and accurate handling of their payments. They also expect to quick answers to their payment questions.

That’s why OnBase provides a detailed log of data changes within the application, including before and after values, as well as who made changes and when they were made to a payment within the platform. Empowered with quick access to the information they need, when they need it, users provide timely answers to payment questions – without needing to interrupt the process by searching file cabinets or file shares.

7. Intuitive, point-and-click configuration

Our improved revenue cycle management solution offers other significant improvements that reduce complex and costly customizations. The flexible configuration application includes:

* Robust EDI 835 data management and export

* Multiple file format support for patient demographics

* Configurable support for self-pay or collection agency payments

* Configurable support for critical business objects (facilities, billing systems, insurance companies, etc.)

* Centralized scheduling and management of system processes, including verification logs

* Email support notifications of process failures

* Integrated creation and management of batch coversheets for lockbox capture

* A single diagnostic interface for monitoring system errors

8. Security

Leveraging modern development paradigms and industry-recognized best practices, the OnBase platform ensures the patient information stored within it remains safe, secure, and compliant with your internal security policies. By leveraging our Application Server for database communication, you can encrypt all application traffic via TLS, eliminating the need for the deployment, management, and support of ODBC connections.

Meanwhile, our user- and group-based security model provides significant flexibility out of the box, allowing end users to view, create, and manipulate data within the application. This simplifies end user management with support for LDAP, Active Directory, SSO, and ADFS integrations to meet your organization’s needs.

9. Process outsourcing

Hyland also offers outsourced lockbox-to-835 conversion services. By offloading the tasks of managing the conversion of your lockbox images to an ANSI compliant 835 file for posting, you’ll eliminate these manual, time-consuming tasks from your internal staff, re-directing them to higher-value work.

10. Integrated payer and provider denials processing

The OnBase RCM solution also provides the foundation to streamline denial follow-up, improve collaboration, and automate responses for additional medical records, prior authorizations, and more. Our Denial Management solution – now coupled with the OnBase Mackinac integration – provides the capability to electronically exchange data and documents between payers and providers, eliminating delays and resulting in timelier closing of follow-up activities.

Ready to see how your current RCM solutions stack up against the OnBase 18 RCM suite? Contact us today for a product demonstration!

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent for Hyland-produced videos.
Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent... read more about: Julie Fogel