Want to improve your work-from-home experience? Get rid of the paper

Getting rid of paper is your on-ramp to digital transformation.

You’ve likely read the articles and seen the statistics: Employees are working longer hours at home than they did in the office. Is it because they have more work do to? Or is it because they don’t have the tools they need to manage that work?

While the conversations about going paperless are nothing new, most companies still say they have paper-heavy processes. So, what happens when those processes — and the mountains of paper that accompany them — are taking place in employees’ homes? Probably nothing good.

If you’re working from home, you may be realizing just how much space paper takes up. But it’s more than just the piles. It’s the time it takes to manage the information contained in them.

The solution is a lot more accessible than you might think, and it’s the first step in turning your piles of paper into digital information that can be captured, understood and classified in your organization’s systems.

(Re)introducing: Your personal scanner.

Before you dismiss it as another device taking up space on your desk, think of a document scanner as the on-ramp to your digital transformation journey.

Remember, paper isn’t the problem. It’s that there is no easy way to store, manage and gain insights from paper-based information. Once you transform your documents into live data, you can get rid of the paper and start using the information contained within to make more-informed decisions, faster. And more informed decisions lead to better outcomes.

That’s where the Fujitsu fi-800R can help.

This powerful scanner:

  • Has a super-small footprint and fast scanning speeds
  • Offers a dual-feed system to accommodate a variety of documents and scanning preferences
  • Provides automatic image cleanup, which enhances data extraction
  • Gives you back all that desk space, along with the ability to access and share your information with ease

See it all in action

While your organization may have jumped on the digital transformation movement, you might be looking at your home office, wondering about your own transformation. Whether you’re new to working remotely, or you’re an old pro whose desk is hidden under paper, now is the time to simplify and modernize.

To learn more about how our scanners can help you cut the paper and streamline your remote work experience, check out our booth in CommunityCENTRAL, the virtual exhibit hall at CommunityLIVE!

This piece was written by Scott Francis, a technology evangelist at Fujitsu Computer Products of America. Scott has more than 30 years of document imaging expertise and enterprise content management industry experience. He frequently provides thought leadership on document scanning use cases and best practices, as well as the overall benefits of digital transformation solutions.



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