Hyland leaders share their vision for Hyland Partners’ success

Hyland Partners gather at the Hyland headquarters for the Partner Summit in 2022.

What happens when 200+ Hyland partners from around the world get together for the first time in more than two years? A lot of learning — and fun.

With more than 60 sessions and keynotes from Hyland leadership, the Hyland Partner Summer Summit was filled with insights to help our partners gain an advantage in Hyland product sales, marketing, services, solution engineering and strategy.

Here are a few highlights from the multi-day event:

Bill Priemer on Hyland’s vision

Bill Priemer speaks to the Partner Summit crowd at the Hyland headquarters.

“If you’re going to spend most of your waking hours doing something, you might as well strive to be the very best. That’s the vision we have for our company and for our partner community,” said Hyland President and CEO Bill Priemer.

Priemer explained the importance and role of Hyland solutions in helping enable customers’ organizational needs and priorities, including operational improvement and efficiency, increased automation, information authenticity and greater insights. He highlighted Hyland’s investment in and prioritization of cloud offerings and future innovations to meet customer needs.

“I personally believe that we are today, the world’s best content services provider for large enterprises,” Priemer said.

Ed McQuiston on the importance of total experience

Ed McQuiston presents to the Hyland Partner Summit in summer 2022.

“Years from now, we will remember this era as the turning point when digital technologies permanently transformed the sales business,” Hyland’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Ed McQuiston shared.

While customers are doing more research on their own, frequently without involving a sales representative, McQuiston argued that it’s often shallow learning. Further, research shows that customers report having difficulty differentiating between potential vendors and offerings.

Rep-less buying can be reckless buying and is resulting in an increase in buyer’s remorse for technology, McQuiston noted.

So how do sales team members shift and adapt to meet customers where they are, on the technologies they use?

McQuiston suggests focusing on what Gartner calls “Total Experience,” a strategy that breaks down the silos of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Multiexperience (MX) and User Experience (UX) to have all these experiences function as a whole. This involves integrating technology across employees, customers and users so there are multiple technology entry points and multiple ways for customers and employees to communicate with each other and the organization.

Awesome presentations. I’m a new account manager so I’m loving the support!

$Partner Summer Summit attendee$

Marc Cianciolo on cloud drivers and trends

Marc Cianciolo presents at the Hyland Partner Summit in summer 2022.

Most organizations have deployed cloud initiatives, in varying degrees, according to a recent IDG study commissioned by Hyland.

“It’s not surprising that 85% of customers fall within this advanced and intermediate category when it comes to their cloud environment,” said Marc Cianciolo, senior director of sales at Hyland.

Customers are now more sophisticated in evaluating cloud solutions, he added.

That’s why it’s important for sales representatives to be able to articulate the value of moving to the cloud — as well as address security and access questions — clearly and comprehensively.

In most organizations, lines of business and IT are working together through the cloud adoption process. Business units are integral to the selection and adoption of cloud technology because they will be greatly impacted day-to-day by that selection.  A great way to start that conversation? A free Hyland Cloud consultation with a cloud expert.

> Learn more | On-demand webinar: Drivers to the cloud — exploring the latest IDG research

Next steps from the Partner Summit

What’s next after partners take these learnings and more back to their organizations?

Our Hyland team wants to remind partners to reengage with:

  1. Our Hyland experts for account planning, product information and industry alignment
  2. Your customers by doing joint briefings, events and workshops and
  3. Your prospects, leveraging the tools and resources presented at the event

About the Hyland Global Partner Program

We are proud to have 475+ active global partners, which include some of the most successful business software and hardware providers in the market. The Hyland Global Partner program helps our partners solve their customers’ toughest business challenges with our innovative content services solutions. Considering becoming a partner? Explore our partnership options in our guide to see which might be the right fit for your organization.

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Amy supports partner marketing and sponsorship sales at Hyland. She loves creating global strategy programs, designing campaigns and creating demand for partners. Amy has been with Hyland since 2008 and is based outside Hyland’s headquarters in Westlake, Ohio.
Amy Sindelar

Amy Sindelar

Amy supports partner marketing and sponsorship sales at Hyland. She loves creating global strategy programs, designing campaigns and creating demand for partners. Amy has been with Hyland since 2008 and... read more about: Amy Sindelar