#OTTC14: Attendees sit down with OnBase executives for an informative fireside chat


From left, Drew Chapin, VP of Marketing, Bill Priemer, president and CEO, Miguel Zubizarreta, CTO, and Brenda Kirk, VP of Strategy

Our customers are our partners.

It’s been one of Hyland’s core values since its founding. And today, our executives demonstrated just that – answering customer questions during the general session at the OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC). Attendees were treated to our annual Fireside Chat on Wednesday morning as part of the conference’s general session. During the chat, attendees were encouraged to ask OnBase executives any question they’d like. Anyone unable able to make it to the conference was able to submit questions in advance.

Executives included:

  • Bill Priemer, chief executive officer
  • Miguel Zubizarreta, chief technology officer
  • Brenda Kirk, vice president of Strategy

Here are the top five questions and answers from today’s session:

Q: Can you speak about Hyland’s long-term strategy as it relates to acquisitions of other players in the ECM space?

Bill Priemer (BP): We absolutely see ourselves as an acquirer in the ECM space. We’re going to organically grow our customer and partner base globally; however, acquisitions are a factor. We’ve already acquired nine companies and they’ve all been companies under $10 million in revenue – but they’re all strategically important. Ideally, we’d acquire two companies a year and we envision that trend continuing and the companies being larger in size.

Q: Are there any plans to retire the thick client or at least move some of the administrative functions available in the thick client into the Unity client?

Miguel Zubizarreta (MZ): The reality is, the Unity client only makes up 10 percent of our customer base. We have no plans of retiring the thick client, but there are administrative functions we want to make available throughout all of our clients. If you look at OnBase 14, you’ll see features available that make its administration more seamless, no matter the client.

Q: How do you determine what enhancements and changes to include in each software release?

BP: When planning our annual releases, there are several areas you have to cover – compatibility with different operating systems, infrastructure enhancements and modernization. But when it comes to features and functions, we listen to our customers. We’re also organized in Development and Quality Assurance according to expertise – so Hylanders will also find opportunities to improve while managing customer requests.

Q: We have so much demand for OnBase, what can be done to help us project plan, prioritize and communicate?

Brenda Kirk: With the launch of My ECM Planner in 2015, we really want to educate you on what that vision could be for your organization. It’s part of our continued effort to build out ways to collaborate and share solutions. We’re going to continue to figure out how we can drive more efficiency into your organization with quantifiable data – and we’ll push that out to our customers as part of our Community site this year and throughout 2015.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that a complete rewrite of the code is being worked on. If true, what version of OnBase can we expect to see that change-over?

MZ: There is no complete rewrite going on. Individually, we rewrite certain parts. Currently, we are rewriting our mobile apps because the OS is rapidly changing, our view of the mobile experience is changing and the expense is escalating. To get this under control and create a better overall experience, we’re creating a comprehensive framework that will be shared across our mobile platforms.

So, what about you? Is there a question you want to ask our executives? We want to hear from you.

Email our executives and they will answer you. Because at Hyland, core values are much more than just words – they’re our way of doing business.

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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