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How great would it be if you could only focus on new solution development?

It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of our jobs in technology — to create solutions that make people’s lives easier.  But the reality is, this is only a small part of the picture for expert users of Hyland technology. Most are also consumed with maintaining and extending solutions that are already in place, including:

  • Staying on top of evolving security and regulatory requirements
  • Meeting the constantly changing digital requirements of internal and external users
  • Ensuring solutions perform optimally in this increasingly mobile world

It’s all important — and it can consume a lot of your time. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice learning the newest digital innovations.

What is TechQuest?

• Hands-on, focused training for Hyland solution users, by Hyland experts •

Who should attend TechQuest?

• Hyland customers and expert users who want to take their solution to the next level •


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Shorten the time to get from learning to building

Attending TechQuest, Hyland’s targeted technical training event for customers, is a strategic event for so many Hyland professionals in  various roles — including system administrators, records managers, solution designers and integrated case management experts, to name a few.

This is because at TechQuest, you can immerse yourself in in-depth training that begins with expert instruction and theory, and then moves into hands-on configuration where you go from learning to doing in a symbiotic way that resonates.

“I was here on Sunday for the App Enabler class, and that was a really good mix of ‘here’s what we’re going to teach you as an introduction, here’s how you do it, here’s the lab,’ and it went through the entire day and the stuff that you learned in the morning was built on in the afternoon,”  shared Mark Christie, principal software designer at Compeer Financial regarding a recent TechQuest.

TechQuest makes sense for so many because in a short amount of time, you can become an expert on emerging technology that will provide immediate benefit to your users and your organization.

Get inspiration from peers in a similar tech journey to yours

The one thing I like is being able to come and talk to fellow system administrators. It’s good to get that perspective and also be in the crowd with your fellow techies, just to get an idea of how they do things at their organization, that’s really helpful,” shared Rick White, senior business analyst for the City of Charlotte.

TechQuest is a perfect opportunity for those designing, developing, maintaining or overseeing Hyland solutions to have great conversations with experts and peers who are in similar roles in your industry — or who have already built the solutions you are beginning to leverage.

This meeting of the minds awakens possibilities you may not have considered

And that connection is only the start.

“What’s nice is with the instructors, you’re able to build that personal relationship with them, and everyone here has been so helpful. They’re willing to answer questions that you have. Help you with any situation that you have. And if they don’t know the answer, they’re more than happy to find out the answer for you through someone else and then get back to you,” shared Dedre Erickson, senior OnBase administrator with Discovery Benefits, Inc.

Following the conference, many TechQuest attendees continue to communicate and collaborate on their solutions in the Hyland Community, where you can also loop in Hyland experts with any questions or observations as your solutions continue to evolve and mature.

Take the opportunity to renew certifications as part of your week

Coming to this conference is truly a way to work smarter (not harder) to get what needs to be done, done.

Shawn Deluca, ECM solutions architect for King County Housing, agrees and shares: “This is my third time attending TechQuest, and the reasons I come back are one, to renew my certifications because I can do that in one place, and two, because the knowledge I learn every time is really valuable.”

When time is one of our most valuable commodities, coming to TechQuest just makes sense.

It is so satisfying to efficiently explore, discover and understand the right path to take for your initiatives. And, if you attain the certifications that showcase your expertise in the areas in high demand in today’s world, it’s even better.

We can’t wait to see you next week at TechQuest

November 8-12, 2021

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As a Content Strategist for Hyland's Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has earned several industry certifications along the way—including Microsoft Certified Professional—and has spent time in Solution, Product and Global Services Marketing. Having the opportunity to experience the technical, user-based, enterprise-class and industry-specific areas of Hyland's solutions and services gives Sarah unique insight into the true impact Hyland has on the world. An avid reader and outdoors enthusiast, Sarah enjoys spending time exploring with her Golden-doodle dog Leo and writing about the impactful, inspirational human stories that accompany technology in our evolving, data-driven world.
Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

As a Content Strategist for Hyland’s Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has... read more about: Sarah Stoner