Here’s what we learned at CommunityLIVE 2021

After CommunityLIVE, keep learning with on-demand

Did you miss our annual event? You can still register for free to access on-demand content!

At Hyland, we learned a lot from our second-ever virtual CommunityLIVE. We discovered that even record-breaking gold medalists struggle to find their purpose. We found out how to overcome the thought patterns that are holding us back from being good communicators. And we learned that nobody succeeds all on their own — and that’s where the “community” comes in at CommunityLIVE.

We hope you made some valuable connections this year and walked away from the conference with lots of new ideas and tools to modernize your organization. But wait — there’s so much more! Stay with us, here, because whatever sessions you may have missed during CommunityLIVE, you can still access them on demand.

So, the question isn’t really “What did you learn?” but, “What else do you want to know?”

Always be learning

No matter where we are on our professional journey or digital evolution, we could all use a little guidance sometimes. That’s why we’re always learning — so we can continue to be a valuable partner for our customers well into the future.

As Hyland President and CEO Bill Priemer said in his coffee house session, “Every customer’s journey is unique and that’s why, these days, we’re really in constant communication. We’re always moving from one project to another, from one optimization phase to the next. That means the frequency of our communication, our dialog — it’s very consistent and pervasive.”

Your digital evolution is ongoing, so we commit to a partnership that doesn’t stop once the conference ends or the solution is implemented.

“We’re your partner in this journey, to be able to collaborate, help you find a roadmap to upgrade to the newest solutions, as well as identify ways to add value within your existing platform,” said Hyland senior VP and chief customer success officer Susan deCathelineau. “We’re excited about what the future looks like and appreciate the partnership with our customers.”

Let’s keep moving — together

If you have questions about something we discussed at CommunityLIVE, we’re here to have those conversations. Customers can always reach out to their customer success manager or customer care advocate through Hyland Community. Customer Forums, User Groups and customer surveys help us gather feedback so we can continually improve for the long term.

With so much to learn — even after a week at CommunityLIVE — it’s important to keep collaborating. Continuing your digital evolution might mean exploring cloud migration, finding out more about offerings like intelligent capture, robotic process automation, or our low-code development platform, WorkView. You may want to talk about Alfresco Content Services or digital asset management — a new solution we’re able to offer through our acquisition of Nuxeo that’s empowering developments in automation.

“Channel the ideas, inspiration and energy we’ve gathered this week into action that will continue throughout the year,” said Priemer. “We’ll make sure that collaboration is ongoing and continuing.”

What did we learn at CommunityLIVE? That the learning never stops. So, even though CommunityLIVE 2021 has wrapped, we won’t say goodbye. It’s more like, see you soon.

Did you miss our annual event? You can still register for free to access on-demand content!



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