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A hot topic for discussion in any industry today is digital transformation, and one of the first steps in that process is “digital document conversion” or “document digitization.” No matter how you say it, it involves converting hardcopy documents into electronic “digital” files so you can archive them, and then users can securely retrieve and share them.

Across any organization, going digital helps create a more efficient document workflow. But there are still many organizations today that have paper-intensive environments.

So how do you tell an organization that its current day-to-day business processes involving documents need to change? What’s the best way to show how this change will affect business, employees, and the bottom line?

Expert guidance

Kyocera Document Solutions America can help. As a Hyland partner since 2017, we have supported many organizations in transforming their current document infrastructures and streamlining business processes, helping them to save time and money.

And, it all starts with an assessment.

Our assessment follows something we call ADIMO: Assess, Design, Implement, Manage and Optimize.

What we do is take a thorough look at your organization’s day-to-day processes involving documents. We want to understand how you get things done.

We speak with IT, marketing, finance, human resources, and any individual that a change in a document workflow would influence. In addition, we review a document’s lifecycle and the information that’s generated from printing, scanning or copying.

Expert integration

One example of where Kyocera can help your business is through our integration with Hyland solutions; specifically, with Kyocera’s OnBase Connector. The Kyocera OnBase Connector allows a user to scan documents, properly index them and import them directly into OnBase—without leaving the Kyocera MFP.

With this solution, you can turn your paper-intensive environment into a more streamlined, efficient, digital workflow. You’ll decrease document processing time and increase productivity, allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

To learn more about how Kyocera can help your digital transformation endeavors, please visit booth 25 at CommunityLIVE.

Kyocera document management solutions help optimize your business.
Kyocera Document Solutions
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Kyocera Document Solutions

Kyocera document management solutions help optimize your business.

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